A hands on kind of leader...

Tuesday July 26, 2022

Jessica hadn’t fully considered the ramifications of taking the job at the gentleman’s club, how could she have?

It wasn’t like there was a big neon sign hanging out front that said “brainwashing mandatory for all new hires” or anything. It looked like any other gentleman’s club along the street. Perhaps a little more upscale, but nondescript otherwise.

She stepped out from behind the curtain and pulled the microphone towards herself, “Good evening gentlemen, and welcome to the club. Tonight it is my pleasure to serenade you while my friends perform for your please.”

Her lips curled in to a smile as she took a deep breath and began signing as the small band to the side of the stage played for her. A few moments later the curtains opened completely and the first of her “friends” took the stage.

The woman was a drop dead gorgeous blonde; full pouty lips, large breasts, and an ass that just wouldn’t quite. She was dressed in a feather showgirl outfit, or at least was for the start of her set. By the time Jessica had gotten to the start of her third song, the woman was naked and was giving a faux masturbation show for the audience.

As Jessica continued to sing, more and more women came and went from the stage; a raven haired women in leather, a brunette in a bunny outfit, another blonde with even bigger breasts, and so on, and so on.

As each left the stage they mingled amongst the crowd until they found someone who would take them in to the back room where Jessica knew exactly what would be going on.

Eventually she felt a tap on her shoulder just as she was finishing a song and she knew it was time for her break. When she was finished, she let the audience know she would be back shortly and then headed towards the dressing room.

As she approached the dressing room she saw Benny, the club manager who had so thoroughly brainwashed her and the other women, that Jessica could do nothing but agree with whatever he wanted.

“Hey Jessica, before you go back on stage, drop by my office.”

“Of course Benny, I’ll be there in a minute.”

Benny nodded and let Jessica enter the dressing room. After a quick refresh of her makeup and a quick snack, she headed to Benny’s office.

She knocked and then entered his office, a smile on her face, even though her stomach was filled with butterfiles. Especially when she saw the young pretty blonde sitting across the desk from him.

“Great, Jessica, this is Laurel.” Benny said as he waved at the blonde.

“Hi Laurel, a pleasure to meet you.” Jessica said extended her hand.

Laurel blushed and shook Jessica’s hand, “I… it’s a pleasure to meet you too.” Laurel managed to get out without making eye contact with Jessica.

Before either could say anything else, Benny spoke up again, “Laurel is a singer and I’ve just signed her up! Jessica, I want you to show her the ropes, take her under your wing.”

“Of course Benny, it will be my pleasure to do so!” Jessica replied and then looked at Laurel again, “Come on, let me show you around…”

Jessica gave Laurel’s hand a tug and then the two women headed back to the dressing room.

She knew from personal experience that it wouldn’t be long before Laurel was completely brainwashed, just as Jessica was. At least, unless, Jessica could do something about it. Warn her or something, make it seem like the club wasn’t the place to be.

Jessica knew it was pointless, but she had to try none the less. Not for Laurel’s sake, no, but for Jessica’s own.

After all, she’d seen what had become of the singer that Jessica had replaced, dancing each night as Jessica sang now and spending so much time in the back rooms.

Perhaps if Jessica couldn’t chase Laurel away she could instead get one of the members interested in her. A wicked smile crossed Jessica’s lips as her mind swirled with thoughts and plans.

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