Debbie couldn’t move, at least not in any meaningful way. It wasn’t that her limbs couldn’t move, but her mind wouldn’t let them move in any way the wasn’t controlled by the ropes that ran up to the pullies from her joints.

It was such a weird feeling, to know that she should be able to get up and run away, but instead simply sit there and wait for her owner to pull on one of the ropes.

Just thinking that she had an owner was strange enough, but the pleasure that came with that thought still confused her. She knew, that like the other thoughts that weren’t really hers, that it had been implanted in to her mind during her time at the spa, but that didn’t really make a difference.

She’d been so happy to have “won” the free spa weekend that she hadn’t really questioned it. It was only on the second day, when she’d woken up tied down to a gurney, that she’d realized something was wrong. By then it had been too late.

A few hours later and many of the base idea’s that now filled her mind had been put in place; she was property, she had an owner, she obeyed.

She felt the tug of the ropes on her hands and arms and her body played along, rising up on to her feet. A few more tugs and she was dancing in a jerky motion that looked unnatural. A few more tugs and she was bent over, her hands on the table, her ass in the air.

Moments later she felt hands run across her latex covered ass, then they moved up over her hips and down to her cinched waist. They wandered over her body for a few moments more before coming to the middle of her back and she quivered in anticipation.

The sound of the string being pulled sent her mind racing for the exact right thing to say. When it was released her lips parted her she heard her voice fill the room.

“Dolly loves to play games, what kind of game do you want to play today?”

Her owner ran his hand over her ass once more, and then between her legs, his fingers sliding along the length of her latex covered pussy.

Her lips parted, but no sound came out of them as the string had run its course and she could no longer speak.

The sound of the zipper covering her pussy sent more waves of pleasure through her, until she felt her owner enter her and her eyes went wide, her lips forming a perfect circle and her world exploding in, silent, orgasmic bliss.