God, she couldn’t believe this was happening… at least to her.

It wasn’t like she hadn’t rented a sex doll before or anything, who hadn’t in this day and age? Those poor lower class plebes that got themselves in to so much debt that the government had to step in and take over their lives.

Most were sold off to companies to cover as much as the debt as possible, after the appropriate reprogramming of course. A few were sold off to private individuals though, the ultra wealthy that could afford it at least.

Linda had never though her family would be in such trouble, but apparently, unbeknown to her, her father had gotten them in to such debt that there was no other option.

When the men had come in to her room and taken her away, she’d screamed that there must be some mistake… that she was too rich for such a thing.

But it had done her no good, and a few hours later she was in the reprogramming machine, her mind being reshaped to be utterly compliant. The weeks that followed were so much worse though.

Daily exercise, focused on reshaping her body. Beauty and makeup sessions to present herself properly. Several rounds of surgery to do what the exercise couldn’t. All topped off with session after session of sex training, re-enforced by men and women fucking her all the time.

When it was over, she could suck a dick like a hover, lick a pussy like a golden retriever, ride a cock like a porn star, and squeal like a stuck pig when her ass was violated.

Even with all of that though, the worst was the day she had been “delivered” here, to Jacob’s house… or more specifically, Jacob’s father’s house.

Linda and Jacob had been childhood friends, their parents both circling the upper echelons of high society. He’d had a major crush on her when they hit puberty, but she had no interest in him what so ever. It had all come to a head when he’d tried to kiss her at a night club when they were just about to go off to university and she’d slapped him across the face.

She hadn’t seen in in the last six years since then, but she knew that was about to change.

The father had been fucking her for the last week, since she’d arrived, and he’d used every hole she had several times. She could tell he was losing interest… well, that wasn’t quite right. It was more like he had satisfied his curiosity. Each time he’d used her, it was dispassionate, removed from the moment, more like he was testing her to make sure she was ready for what was next.

And what was next had just walked in to the backyard with his father.

“Holy shit!” Jacob almost shouted as he saw Linda sitting against the tub, holding her hair out.

“I knew you’d be excited to see her son.”

“Fuck yeah dad! I mean, she looks a little different obviously, was she always hiding those sweater puppies under her clothes?”

“Haha… no, I had those installed. We can go bigger later if you like.”

Jacob raised an eyebrow as he looked at his father, “You mean… you mean she’s not a rental?”

Jacob’s father gave another chuckle, “Of course not, nothing but the best for my boy!”, he said and then slapped Jacob on the back.

“Damn… I mean… wow! Can I?” Jacob asked as he nodded towards Linda.

“Of course, that’s what she’s for.”

Jacob grinned and walked over to her, placed his hands on her hips and guided her upwards until she was standing right in front of him. Then he reached around and grabbed her ass, pulling her in against his body, before placing his lips against hers.

She reacted instantly, returning the kiss, letting out a moan, pushing her tits against his chest, as her hands went for his crotch. He continued the embrace until his hands roamed up her back and grabbed hold of a clump of her hair and pulled her head back sharply.

“You’re a lot more receptive to my advances now, aren’t you?” he asked with a wicked grin on his face.

“No Sir, you may do anything you want to me, I am happy to be of service.”

He let go of her hair and took a step back, “I’m sure you are…”, he replied and then a look of concentration came over his face for a moment before it lit up and a smile formed.

Then he leaned in and whispered into her ear so his father couldn’t hear him, “I think I’m going to return that slap you gave me a hundred fold… by I’m going to use my dick to deliver each and every one of them.”

He then grabbed her hand and pulled her behind him and headed towards the house, passing his father as they did so.

She knew, without a doubt, that Jacob would be nothing like his father. She could see it in his eyes, the emotions, the desire, the passion. She knew he would push her to her limits, and likely beyond.

The only problem was she wasn’t sure if she’d enjoy it more or less than the week with his father… the dispassionate usage of her body like a simple sex doll had sent orgasm after orgasm over her body, and she wondered if Jacob could ever match that.