“You know I didn’t like having to do it Jim, but you left me no choice…” I said at the slack jawed man sitting across from me.

“I warned you months ago that defaulting on your payments would have consequences.” Jim blinked several times as the woman on the small stage in front of us twirled around the pole and wiggled her ass in our direction.

“But… but… Jessica!” Jim finally managed to get out and Jessica focused on his voice.

A smile crossed her lips as she responded, “Yes Daddy? giggle” her attention didn’t last long and she went back to twirling around the pole when Jim failed to reply in a few seconds.

“She’s well on her way to getting your payments caught back up. Of course, there is the matter of her own debt now.”

“Her debt?” Jim asked, managing to draw his eyes away from his daughter and back on to me.

“Well, beyond the obvious surgeries, which weren’t cheap, I don’t accept cut rate work at my club, the process to reshape her mind was quite involved as well.”

Jim whimpered a little before replying, “I’ll… I’ll get you the money I owe you… please… just let her… go.”

I chuckled a little and turned to Jessica, “Hey Jessi, do you want to leave the club?”

Jessica perked up and looked at me, first in confusion, then fear, “Oh god no! Like, I tottally love working here!”

I nodded before continuing, “Why don’t you tell Jim here exactly what you do…”

giggle Like, I totally let guys fuck me silly! giggle

I chuckled again and the stood up and walked towards the door. As I did I paused beside Jim’s chair and placed my hand on his shoulder.

“I expect my money, in full, by the end of the month. I’ll have Jordon give you the new total. Oh, and don’t forget, you still have another daughter and a lovely wife to think about.”

I felt the man shudder under my hand and I patted him on the shoulder twice before leaving him alone with his shame. I knew I’d have what he owed me, one way or the other.