A little shiver of pleasure ran through Sandra as she looked over towards the door, making sure no one there. Then, slowly, she let her hands fall down to her sides and she mimicked the pose of the two mannequins behind her.

As soon as she came to a stand still, goosebumps formed all over her body and a small gasp escaped her lips as a small orgasm washed over her.

In the back of her mind, she knew it was wrong. She didn’t want to be some inanimate object did she?

There had been a time that it wouldn’t have even crossed her mind, let alone been something that she was interested in. But then again, that seemed so long ago now.

Now, she’d been sneaking away from her photo shoot each time she could, to look at the mannequins. Then to stand with them. Then to mimic them. And now she’d even started to think of herself as one.

A sound came from the direction of the door and her eyes darted to it, but she saw nothing for a moment, then a figure came in to view. She wanted to raise her hands, to cover herself, but something stopped her, instead she remained perfectly still.

The figure came in to full view and she saw Shawn, the photographer walk in to the room. To her surprise and relief, he didn’t seem to notice her. Instead he walked over to the other side of the room and retrieved several items and the walked out once more.

Another small orgasm crested and she almost fell to her knees as they became jello, but she remained right where she was.

Shawn walked in to his back room after the photo shoot and found Sandra still standing there, naked from the waist up. He’d come in a few times to see how she was making out, and was pleased when she didn’t react at all.

It meant the subliminals he’d been feeding her at each of her photo shoots had taken hold and she was ready.

He made himself busy for a few minutes in the room, working his way over to the two mannequins and Sandra slowly, until he was standing behind her. Taking one of the mannequins from beside him, he placed it in front of Sandra then walked around behind it. He ran his hands up and down over it a few times, spending some extra time over it’s plastic bust, before returning to stand behind Sandra.

His hands repeated their path, but this time across Sandra’s body, with the only obvious reaction being the hardening of her nipples.

Shawn smiled and leaned into Sandra’s ear, “Such a good mannequin, I can’t wait to add you to my collection permanently.”

He hear Sandra whimper just before her legs gave out from beneath her, then she spasmed repeatedly as orgasm after orgasm rocked her body.