A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday August 20, 2022

Cynthia stared daggers at Wayne as he walked towards her, though what she really wanted to do was stand up and kick him in the nuts.

That wasn’t going to happen though, she knew the limits he’d placed in her mind, just enough freedom to hate every minute of it, not enough to do anything about it.

The car she sat on had once been her’s, like the driveway it was parked in, or the house it was in front of, but they all belonged to him now. She’d signed them over to him, along with everything else she owned, bit by bit, until she had nothing left.

He stopped a few meters in front of her and then motioned her upwards with his hand and she stood up instantly, pushing her chest and ass out at the same time.

He twirled his finger in the air and she turned around, held her hands on her hips for a moment, before reaching down and placing them on the hood of the car, bending at the waist, and sticking her ass as high up in to the air as she could.

She felt his hands come down on her ass, and rub her tight black skirt for a moment before being raised up.

“Not bad Cindy.” he said, giving her ass a gentle tap to let her know he was finished.

She stood upright again, turned towards him and parted her lips, “Thank you Sir.”

The smile that formed on her lips was genuine and not, both at the same time. The complement had sent a shiver of pleasure through her body, ending up in her pussy which definitely formed a smile on her lips. But likewise every fiber of her being that she still had control over screamed out to knee him.

Instead his hand slipped around her waist and he guided her to the passenger door, opened it and she slipped inside before the door closed once more.

She watched him walk around and get in the drivers seat before staring the car and pulling out of the driveway.

“Do you know where we’re going Cindy?” he asked, keeping his eye on the road as he drove.

“Yes Sir, we’re going to the board meeting.”

“That’s right. And you know what’s expected of you?”

“Yes Sir. I’ll be signing the paperwork to resign as Chairwoman of the Board, casting my vote to elect you as the new Chairman of the Board, and then resigning from the board completely.”

“Good.” he replied and nodded his head slightly.

She knew what was going on of course, that bastard Bradly had been trying for years to get a hold of her company, and she’d turned him down dozens of times. What she didn’t know though was how he found Wayne, or for that matter how Wayne had done what he’d done to her mind.

She was sure the first piece of business that Wayne brought before the board would be some kind of low ball buyout offer. She knew just as certainly the board would eagerly accept it. In just a few short weeks, what was supposed to be her enduring legacy, would be just another division of Bradly Industries.

The real problem was that while she knew all of these things, she also knew something else. And that was that Wayne was here only for the job, not for her. Oh, he’d fucked her six ways to Sunday over the last few months, but it was per-functional, not passionate. When he was horny and wanted a release, he’d find her and fuck her, just like he might use an inflatable sex doll.

And that meant, that when the job was done, he’d be done with her as well. Her mind recoiled at the next thought that came into it, the image of Jason Bradly, the man she knew was behind all of this. It wasn’t the image of the man that she recoiled at really, sure he was old and not exactly handsome, but he wasn’t repulsive or anything either.

No, the recoil came from the buzzing in her pussy that happened each and every time she thought of him. That meant that when this was all said and done, she knew she’d be see a lot more of Jason Bradly.

She hoped that all he’d do was use her like a sex doll, she’d seen the top heavy blonde sluts he tended to bring to public functions, and she definitely didn’t want to become one of those, but likewise she really had no say in the matter so she tried to put it out of her head as they drove towards the end of the last thing she could be proud of.

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