“Excuse me, Miss, do you have a moment?” a voice called out and Linda looked around until she saw the man holding a clip board approaching her.

She rolled her eyes a she pulled her backpack up a little and tried to make a bee line from work to the subway, “Sorry I don’t…”

“Please, it will only take a moment…”

Something in the way he said please resonated in the back of her head and she missed a step and came to a stop to steady herself. She looked around confused for a moment and was about to start off again when the man stood in front of her and smiled.

“Ah, thank you very much! I know no one likes to take these surveys but you’re really doing me a favour.”

“Well… I…” she stuttered out as she reached up and took hold of her pony tail that fell down her uniform from the department store she worked at.

“It will only take a couple of minutes, let’s get started! First question, are you employed?”

Linda shook her head and waved her hands at her uniform, “Oh, well, yes.” the man replied and made a checkmark on the clipboard.

“And would you say your happy with your work life balance?”

“Well… I mean, I guess not… who doesn’t want some more time away from work?”

“Too true. Alright, of the following, which would you do more of it you had more free time; entertainment, exercise, sports, or hobbies?”

Her lips parted to reply entertainment, but she hesitated for a moment as the though of the few extra pounds around her waist intruded on her thoughts, “Exercise.”

Linda suddenly felt wozzy for a moment as the world seemed to swirl around her, then it passed and she wondered why she had answered exercise… she spent several hours a day at the gym already!

“Good. Now then, how often would you say you wear makeup; infrequently, sometimes, often, or always?”

Linda went to reply again but this time the wooziness came before her answer, when it passed her painted lips parted and answered, “Always, of course.”

She gave a little huff, mostly to herself, she’d never leave the house without putting on her face, in fact, she wouldn’t be caught dead without her makeup on!

“Great, next question. Would you say you follow fashion trends; infrequently, sometimes, often, or always?”

The wooziness hardly had time to set in before she answered “always” and she felt a cool breeze cut across her exposed lower back.

“Alright, the next question is a little more personal, but please answer it if you can. Do you enjoy sex; infrequently, sometimes, often, or always?”

The wooziness passed and her lips curled into a devious smile, “Oh, always, definitely!”

“And what kinds of sex do you enjoy?”

She let out a little gasp as the wooziness passed and her the words started tumbling from her lips, “Oh, all kinds. Just as long as I can get a cock in me, or a big load of cum on me, I’m up for it!”

“Good, good. Ok, now can you tell me about the last sexual encounter you had?”

“Of course! I was at the club and hooked up with this guy that took me back to his place. He fucked my ass so hard I thought I was going to pass out, but when he finally dumped his load in my bowels, it screamed at the top of my lungs from the orgasm that rocked me!”

“Great! One last question… do you think of yourself as a; bimbo, trophy wife, slut, or whore?”

The words tumbled around in Linda’s head as her eyes crossed.

“Oh, this one can have multiple answers if you like.”

She let out a giggle and smiled, “Oh god, then I totally think of myself as a bimbo slut, trophy wife, whore! giggle

“That’s great! That’s all the questions I have for you, thank you very much for taking my survey.”

Linda smirked and reached out to touch the man’s hand, “No, like, thank you! I was, like, just heading back to my please, do you totally wanna come with me?”

The man smiled back at her, “Well, perhaps, just to verify some of your answers you understand.”

Linda giggled and leaned into the man’s chest, “Of course baby.”

“After all, I find it hard to believe you orgasm from anal sex, so I should verify that… you know… to ensure you’re answers are all truthful.”

Linda just giggled as she looped her arm through the man’s and lead him towards the subway.