A hands on kind of leader...

Thursday August 25, 2022

“Oh, welcome home Tom!” Delilah said as she took the cookie sheet from the oven and set it on the stove top.

Tom smiled from ear to ear as he walked over to his wife, wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her in, giving her a deep kiss.

She raised up on to her tippy toes and gave a little moan as she melted in his arms, a moment later he released her and she wave her hand at her face as she blushed furiously.

“Oh my… Tom… would… would you like a cookie?” she managed to get out, glancing over at the sheet of baked items on the stove top.

Tom gave a wolfish grin and reached under her dress and slipped his fingers between her legs, her bare pussy already moist to his touch.

“Tom… you’re… ohhhhh… so… bad…” Delilah said as she bit her lower lip. In response Tom reached around and grabbed her ass with both hands, lifting her up slightly and moved her over to the counter. He pushed her on to it, sending the mixing bowl and cupcakes off the edge.

Tom pulled her dress up as her hands found his belt buckle and zipper, soon she was laying back on the table, Tom pushing in to her as her hands reached out and found the pastries to her side. She clutched them in her hand as she gasped in time with Tom’s thrusting, eventually smearing the sweet treats over her breasts and face as she cried out in passion.

“Look Delilah, if you don’t want to even try to make the marriage work, why agree to counseling in the first place?”

“Tom, I told you, don’t call be Delilah, it sounds like some fifties housewife or something. My name is Lilly. And I agreed to counseling because my lawyer said it would look good when it came to break that stupid pre-nup in court.”

Tom shook his head and wondered what had gone wrong, Delilah had seemed like the perfect woman. Then they’d been married and everything had gone to hell in a handbasket.

Delilah for her part knew exactly what had gone wrong, or more accurate, what had never gone right in the first place. She’d strung Tom along for the money and now it was time to take him to the cleaners.

Tom and Delilah heard the elevator bing and the doors opened as they stepped out into the office building. When they came to the therapists office, Tom had a smile on his face while Delilah had a sneer.

On the door was written “Dr. Stephen Ford, Marriage Councilor”

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