Alice stared into the mirror, her face placid, her bosom slowly rising and falling as the sounds filled her ears.

She couldn’t see the earbuds that fit so snuggly in to her ears that they blocked out almost all of the outside world, and she couldn’t understand the technical wizardry the blocked out the rest.

There was a time, long ago so it seemed, that she would have as an electrical engineer. Schooled in the best universities in the nation, graduating at the top of her class, joining a top tech company, she had been a shining rising star.

Now all that shone was the vacant look in her eyes as the sounds filled her ears and emptied her mind.

Eventually the sounds receded and the unwanted buzzing of her ringtone came to her. She blinked a few times and then reached down and picked up her phone, groggily answering the call, “Hel… hello?”

“Wakey wakey Alice…” the voice on the other end of the call said and a joy filled her as she recognized it.

“Master!” she replied with a gasp as her pussy tingled and butterflies swarmed her stomach.

“How was your session today?”

“Soooo good Master! I didn’t have a thought for a whole hour!”

“Really? Not even…”

giggle Well of course I thought about your cock Master, but that doesn’t count!” realizing what she had said she panicked a little and continued before he could respond, “Oh my god, not that your cock doesn’t count Master, it’s the most important thing every, just, like, you know, my thoughts don’t count…”

She heard him chuckle through the earbuds and she giggled a little as well, she knew he hadn’t taken offense and she was glad for it.

“Master… my head is so empty, just like it should be. May I ask when you’re going to come over and fill it up with your glorious cock?”

“Soon Alice, I have a few more things to do here at work, then I’ll drop by tonight.”

giggle Thank you Master, I can’t wait!”

The call ended and Alice excitedly headed to the bedroom to make sure everything was ready. Master had dropped by last week and filled her mouth with his cock and she’d orgasmed so hard she didn’t even notice him leaving.

She’d asked him many times to fuck her pretty little pussy, but he’d declined each time, tonight would be different. She knew she couldn’t just ask, she had to beg. To tell him how much of an dumb little cum bunny she was, an empty headed fuck doll, how she needed his cock buried so deep inside of her pussy that she’d be able to taste his cum when he unloaded inside of her.

She let out a fit of giggles, some part of her deep down knowing exactly how stupid that last thought had been, but likewise knowing he’d just love hearing her say it just the same.