Bunny leaned forward and lowered her glasses slightly as Tom entered the office, “Oh, hello Sir, back from the meeting?”

He nodded in her general direction without paying much attention to her so she continued, “That’s good Sir, how did it go?”

He perked up a little and looked over at her, a tingle going through her body as he did so, “Very well actually. Don is interested in signing up for another three years and didn’t even haggle over the price.”

Bunny blinked a few times and scrunched her forehead as odd thoughts flood in to her mind, “Don? But… he always gives me… fights with me about the cost…” she stuttered out as she set her glasses down on her desk.

Then her eyes dropped to her giant tits and she let out a gasp, “Oh my god… what have you done to me?” she cried out as she looked up at Tom just as he arrived in front of her with a frown on his face.

“God Bunny, why do you even fight it any more? I mean, even a dumb little slut like you should have learned by now…” he said and then grabbed the sides of her top and yanked, letting her tits fall out.

“Tom! What are you…” she started but before she could finish Tom grabbed hold of her right nipple with his left hand and gave it a twist just as he raised his right hand and slapped down hard on her left tit.

She tossed her head back as a wave of pleasure exploded from her tits and she let out a guttural moan, “My god… what have you done to me?”

Beatrice wanted to push away from Tom, to run from the office, but instead she remained standing there as Tom continued to assault with her tits.

“Really Bunny? You’re that dumb? Well I guess I did request that… but still, it should be obvious. I’ve made you my big titted, dumb dumb, cum dump of a secretary.”

He slapped her left tit again and twisted even harder as he pulled at her right nipple, “Oh god! OH GOD! OH GOD!!!” she let out as her head snapped back upright and she looked dead into his eyes.

“I got tired of you stealing all my clients, claiming all the credit for my hard work, and getting promoted over me. I reached out to a friend of mine with connections to the criminal underbelly of the city… and well…” he said and then smacked her right tit several times in quick secession.

A small orgasm crashed over her and she heard her own voice speak, “Oh my god Sir, smack that titty harder!”

“There she is… there’s Bunny…” Tom said as Beatrice came back to reality once more.

“What’s your name slut?” he asked.

“I’m not… not a slut… my name is Beat…” but another smack to her tit stopped her words dead in their tracks as she shivered from the pleasure.

“I said what’s your name slut?”

Beatrice let out a whimper as she fought as hard as she could to keep her lips from moving, but another slap to her tit prompted them out of her control.

“Bunny Sir!”

Tom smiled and gripped her left nipple as well, twisting and pulling on both of them at once, causing a deep moan to come from her lips.

“And what are you Bunny?”

“Ph… please Tom… I… I…” Beatrice replied, trying as hard as she could to move away from Tom without success.

In response, Tom yanked upwards on Beatrice’s nipples causing her tits to be pulled upwards, then he let them drop back down, and then repeated the motion several times.

“What are you Bunny?”

“I… I… Bunny’s… Bunny’s a dumb dumb… cum… cum dump of a secretary…” the orgasm that came over her hardly waited for the words to cross over her lips before crashing into her.

When it passed, Bunny looked in to Tom’s eyes and smiled… he was playing with her tits again and that was the best thing he could be doing.

“Mmmmm…. Sir, Bunny loves it when you play with her big fat titties. Would you like to fuck them now?” she asked, her eyes pleading with him to say yes.

Tom smiled and let go of her nipples, then straightened her top out, covering her tits up once more, at least a much as her top ever did.

“No, not right now. You have a 3 o’clock appointment with Don to go over the… details… of the new contract. Make sure he’s completely satisfied with the fine print before you leave.”

“Yes Sir, of course Sir.” Bunny said picked up her glasses from the desk once more and slipped them on to her face. She would need them later if Don had similar concerns as he did last year, she had ended up cleaning his cum from them several times before the review was complete.

Tom walked into his office with a slight bounce in his step, having to re-enforce Bunny’s programming was always a delightful way to return to the office, even if it was only every six months or so. It was getting a little longer each time now though, so perhaps he’d better savour it for a little longer next time.

He’d been told it might happen when he’d taken deliver of her, and how to handle it, but he’d been surprised at how hot it was to see Beatrice fade back in to Bunny and now he was considering sending her back. Not to fix the problem, but have it happen more often.

Then again… perhaps it was so hot because it only happened once in a while?

He shook his head and logged into his computer, best not to mess with Bunny, she was the perfect secretary and a great sweetener to any deal he wanted to make. No sense risking a great setup just so he could have a little extra fun.

At least not until he got prompted to the point he no longer had to worry about such things.