“Like, oh my god, hi! Jeff totally sent us over to you, we’re, like your caddies! giggle” The blonde said as she wrapped her arm around her brunette friend.

I smiled and raised an eyebrow, “Oh did he now? Well, I’m Ben and this is Henry.” I said, pointing to my best friend since childhood.

Henry’s mouth was hanging halfway down to the ground as he stared at the brunette’s tits as she played with her hair and blushed a little.

I chuckled a little and shook my head, “Well I guess that answers who’s going to caddy for who then.”

Henry snapped out of it and looked over at me ashamed, “Hey… I mean…” he stuttered out so I just continued on.

I looked at the brunette directly, “What’s your name?”

“Mandy.” she replied and took a step towards Henry.

“Well Mandy, Henry here is just coming off of a divorce, take good care of him won’t you?”

Mandy’s eyes sparkled and she smiled, “Oh course! You poor man, I hope the bad woman didn’t spoil all of us for you!” she said as she hooked her arm around Henry’s and pushed her tits in to his side.

Henry blushed as the two of them walked away towards his cart and Mandy guided his hand down to her ass.

“Well I guess that leaves us? And your name is?”

“Lexi! giggle Like the car!” Lexi replied and moved over to my side.

“Well Lexi, are you any good at golf?”

Lexi giggled and stood up on her tippy toes to get to my ear, “Oh god no, I suck balls at golf. But like, I also suck balls… at golf tournaments too… giggle

I reached down and grabbed her ass, giving it a good squeeze as we walked over to my cart and sat down in it, just in time for the announcer to come across PA system.

“Welcome everyone to this years annual Perfect Divorce Service Charity Golf Tournament. Please make your way to your carts, we’ll be teeing off in ten minutes.”

It was too bad that Henry hadn’t taken my advice to specify The Perfect Divorce Service in his pre-nup, but at least now that his ex had taken him for half of everything he’d smartened up and was listening to me. This years charity golf tournament was a perfect way to introduce Henry to the benefits of not only The Perfect Dating Service, but it’s sister companies as well.

I hit the gas and started towards the first tee, passing Henry in his cart, his face buried between Mandy’s tits. I chuckled not only because it was good to see Henry enjoying himself, but also because I knew he’d never beat my score this time with Mandy’s tits bounce around all day long… but that assumed he even made it to the first tee to begin with and didn’t just take Mandy home for the day.