Tammy opened the car door and threw her leg out, then slipped out and stood up before checking her skirt and top. Running her hands down her skirt to smooth the shiny material out, she then moved her hands up to cup her tits and make sure they were on display as best as possible.

She’d flashed a couple of guys on the freeway when they catcalled her and it had been challenging to keep the car on the road while she tried to stuff her tits back in to her top.

She let out a sigh and smiled, or did as best as she could with her lips so full of filler, before bending over at the waist and checking her makeup and bottle blonde hair in the side door mirror.

Satisfied, she walked over to the large house that she had pulled up in front of, her heels clicking against the pavement as she did. When she arrived at the door she went to press the bell, but before she could the door opened and her knees went weak.

“Oh gosh, hey baby!” she cried out threw her arms around the man that stood there, planting a kiss on his lips, pushing her tits in to his chest, and wiggling her ass so when he grabbed it he’d know to give it a good jiggle.

He did and she moaned even after he broke off the kiss, “More fillers in your lips?” he asked.

giggle Like, you know it! Do you like’em?” she asked.

“Oh yeah, can’t wait to see them wrapped around my dick.”

“Oh my gawd, me too!” she replied as he took a step backwards and let her into the house, closing the door behind her. Moments later they were in the living room, him on the couch, her between his legs. Her fingers quickly undid his pants and fished his dick out, her lips instinctively wrapping around it.

She bobbed up and down, her puffy fake lips almost feeling disconnected from her, but sending shiver of pleasure right to her pussy. After he was good and hard, she reach around her back and undid her top, letting her tits free, and then grabbed a hold of them at the sides and pushed them together as she came up and off of his dick.

With a practiced motion, she slipped his dick between her tits and continued bobbing up and down, “Oh my god baby… I love sucking your dick with these big fake cock pillows, it makes me sooooo horny!”

He let out a chuckle as she continued, “Is that so? You like big fake things?”

“Yes! God yes!”

“What are you gonna get stuffed into your body next then?”

She continued titty fucking him, but her eyes closed as she did and she let out a moan, “My ass! I’m gonna get my ass done! Stuffed full of silicone so it feels like I’m sitting on two bowls of jello!”

Her body shivered at the thought of it, but her lips wouldn’t stop going, “And… oh god… and I’m getting bigger tits too! Giant fake tits that you can lose your cock in between for days!”

She couldn’t take it any more, she let go of her tits, dove back down on to his dick and pounded her head up and down, forcing his to fuck her face, her lips wrapped as tightly around his as she could, until she felt his cum flow in to her throat and her whole body was rocked by an orgasm.

Dave looked down at his ex, Tabitha, between his legs, a blissfully stupid smile on her face as his cum dribbled down her chin. He grabbed his phone from the end table and snapped a few more photos to add to his collection so he could keep track of each and every change she made to herself.

When they had first started dating, he’d been drawn to he beauty and personality. Unfortunately one of them had been fake and it had been the wrong one.

It wasn’t long after they were married that her true personality had come out, she was a gold digger through and through. She had been very proud of her natural beauty, and Dave freely admitted she was a catch. Beauty would fade though, but a gold digger was a gold digger and nothing would change that.

Fortunately Dave had insisted on a pre-nup by the Perfect Divorce Service, and when her true personality had come out, he’d had the perfect opportunity to correct which one of the things that had drawn him to her were fake.

In a few more months there would nothing natural about her body left, but she’d genuinely be a complete blonde bimbo slut that loved coming over to her ex’s place to show him how much she still wanted to be his trophy wife.