“Good morning Sir.” Lilly said as she slipped her glasses from her nose and slipped the end of them between her lips. Not that she could close her lips around them, the last round of injections had made it almost impossible for her to completely close her mouth any more.

“God damn Lillian!” Gary exclaimed as he stared at her tits, “I see your vacation went well.”

“Oh yes Sir, the spa was very accommodating to all of your requests. And please call me Lilly Sir.”

Gary let out a chuckle and smiled, “And what if I want to call you Slut or Tits instead?”

“Oh of course Sir, I’ll respond to anything you wish.”

The old Lillian had hated being called anything but her full proper name, but Lilly had spent the first few days at the spa being completely reprogrammed, and now she enjoyed anything her boss desired.

Gary walked over to and took her glasses from her hand, setting them down on her desk, and then threaded his fingers through the hair on the back of her head. He gave her head a little tug backwards and she titled her head and let out a little gasp.

“Fuck, I didn’t think they’d be able to get your lips this big in just two weeks…” he said as he ran his free fingers over her puffed up lips. Lilly closed her eyes and let out a moan as he did so, the pleasure coursing through her entire body as he did so.

He slipped his thumb between her lips and she instinctively closed her lips around it and started to suck.

There was little left of the old Lillian, but sucking cock was one part that remained. She suspected it was part of the reason Gary had sent her to the spa in the first place, something she had tried to keep hidden, but he’d found out none the less.

Lillian’s secret shame of having had to work in a strip club to put herself through school.

She’d learned many things, like cock sucking, there and had hoped to put them all behind her when she’d graduated and gotten the job as Gary’s Executive Assistant, but the Internet never forgot anything and eventually Gary had found an old image of her at the club, wearing barely anything, with her tits hanging out, and her stupid tattoo clearly visible.

The old Lillian had shut him down immediately, threatened to go to HR if he brought it up again, and he’d let it drop. Or at least she had thought he had. For the next six months things had slowly gotten back to normal and she’d even convinced herself they were beyond it. Gary had even given her a gift certificate to a high end spa resort when she’d complained about not having enough savings to go on vacation.

She’d been a little suspicious, but he’d claimed to have won it in a golf tournament, and as he had no wife, he had no need of it. She knew he had gone to the charity tournament a few weeks ago, so it was at least plausible. And after researching the spa resort, Lillian was finally excited to go.

Lilly of course now knew, and was grateful for, the fact that the spa was just a cover for a high end brainwashing group. They had stripped away the old Lillian and replaced her with the new Lilly.

The new Lilly felt Gary’s lips come in contact with her own and she let their tongues dance with each other as Gary reached down and grabbed her ass. She moaned as she pushed her tits in to Gary’s chest and her hands found his cock through his pants.

He broke off the makeout session after only a few seconds and took a step backwards, “Let’s move this into my office. I want to see those lips wrapped around my dick asap.”

She smiled and followed him as he walked towards his office door, “Oh yes Sir, I can’t want to suck your dick!”

It was only moments later when she was naked, on her knees, in front of Gary’s desk chair, bobbing up and down as she sucked his dick. It was just like when she’d been a stripper, sucking cocks in the VIP, that Lillian had been so ashamed and humiliated by. The difference now was that Lilly was loving every second of it and getting paid a whole lot less.