The cage door was open and Robin wanted desperately to leave, but her body refused to cross the threshold.

It wasn’t her body that was inside the cage, it was her mind, and those bonds were far stronger than any old metal bars.

She reached up and grabbed hold of the top of the door frame and pulled herself up on to her tippy toes, trying to swing herself over the edge, but with no luck.

She dropped back down and let out a heavy sigh just in time for her to hear the door handle jiggle. Instantly a smile crossed her lips as she quickly returned to the swing and gently rocked back and forth.

As soon as she saw her owner enter the room, she started to whistle a happy little song that had be burned in to her mind.

Her owner walked over and stepped in to the cage, a smile on his face as she whistled away. His hand reached over and stroked her cheek and she leaned into it gently.

Her whistling stopped only when his thumb pushed between her lips and she started to suck on it.

They were all responses she had no control over, she still didn’t understand how he’d done it, but she knew he had done it and that was the reality of the situation.

There had been a time, which she only remembered hazily, when she’d called him something other that “owner” or “master”, a time when she’d been free and independent. She was pretty sure that she’d been his girlfriend… or wife?

It was hard, those thoughts were so faded and fuzzy.

He pulled his thumb from between her lips as she started to whistle once more, expecting him to turn her over on the swing and use her again. To her surprise, he instead extended his hand clearly expecting her to place hers into it, and then had her stand up.

Unsure what he was doing she stopped whistling and titled her head to the side in confusion.

He smiled at her and stepped out of the cage, pulling her forward. She half expected her body to stop once more, but instead her feet cross the threshold and she smiled broadly as she let out a happy little giggle.

Then, after just a moment, a feeling of loss settled over her, of longing, and she looked back at the cage with a need she didn’t understand.

Her owner patted her hand and she looked back at him, “Don’t worry Robin. You’ll be back in your home soon enough. You just have an appointment with a plastic surgeon. I’ve decided to upgrade your… plumage.”

She looked down at her mid sized breasts and then back up at him and pushed her chest forward.

“Yes that’s right.” he said and a great weight was lifted from her mind.

He reached up and ran a finger across her lips, “Don’t worry, I’d never defile these perfect lips of yours. They make such beautiful music just as they are.”

A shiver of pleasure ran through her and then she felt him tug on her hand and she followed along behind him.

There was something deep down inside of her, something half forgotten, half lost in the muddied mess that was her mind, that told her she should be insulted at having her breasts referred to as plumage, but the only though that managed to find space in her mind was that her owner thought she had perfect lips.

She whislted a joyous little song as he lead from her home and she couldn’t wait to return and show her owner just how perfect her lips really were.