“Excuse me Sir, have you heard the good news?” Lana said as she walked up to the distinguished looking man at the edge of the party.

She had her bible clutched in her hands in front of her modest white top that covered her entire upper body, along with a simple pair of blank pants and flats on. Like the other missionaries she wore no makeup, the one distinguishing feature of her outfit from the others was the straw hat that she wore with her hair tucked up under it.

The man smiled at her with a twinkle in his eyes, “Well, I think I’ve heard just about all the good news there is in the world at one point or another Miss…?” he replied.

She smile back, “Please call me Lana.”

“Well Lana, which good news do you have? Christen, Muslim, Hindi, Pagan, or something else?”

Lana blinked, she’d never been asked such a question before, “Well, I mean…” she started to reply as she reached up and stroked the simple cross hanging from the leather string around her neck.

“Ah, Christen… any particular denomination? I mean, there are so many these days… not like back in the day.”

“Oh, well… we’re a small church…”

“Ah, well, never mind. It doesn’t really matter does it? I mean they’re all just as much bunk as each other really.”

Her eyes lit up, “Oh no Sir! Not at all! We have…” she started in on her speech just as her head started to swirl a little.

She blinked several times and then looked down at the glass of champaign in her hand.

“Oh! That champaign really got to me for a second!”

“It does tend to do that sometimes Lana. But never mind you were saying…”

“Yes, of course, my church spreading the good news…” her head swirled a little more and she shook it off.

She looked at the glass of champaign again and then down at the low cut black top she wore, along with the white cover up she’d brought along to protect he pale white skin. It seemed a little inappropriate, but with her small chest there was not much to see.

“Yes… the good news… the good news about…” she said and reached up and touched her simple cross once more, her head spun again and she let out a little moan as things came back in to focus, her fingers still caressing the gem encrusted cross that sat just above ample bosom.

“The good news… about… about the work… the work we’re doing… in the community…” she said as a final wave of confusion came over her.

It passed and she blinked several times at the man standing in front of her, he was smiling at her and it felt good.

“Hmmm… and what kind of work exactly are you doing in the community Lana.”

Lana smiled and stepped a little closer to the man and placed her free hand on his chest and then leaned in and nibbled his ear a little, leaving a bit of her lipstick behind, before answering.

“Mmmmm… the oldest kind of work Sir. Perhaps you’d like to go up to your room and I can show you?” she whispered to him seductively.

The man slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her in tight, “Why Lana, you’ve answered my prayers. I was praying I’d fine a hot little tramp at the part to take back to my room and fuck like the whore of Babylon.”

“Oh Sir, I’d be honoured!” she said as she set her glass of champaign down and the two of the started to walk to the hotel entrance.

“I’m sure you will be, but I have to warn you, you’ve got a lot to live up to. That woman could fuck the life out of a demi-god! Of course she was no match for me, poor thing was ruined when I was done with her.”

Lana shivered in anticipation as they left the party behind and she wondered if she’d be ruined as well, or if perhaps, she already was.