Jessi looked out over the ocean as she leaned against the railing and took in the amazing sight of the island.

She blinked a few times behind the dark sunglasses she was wearing as she racked her brain for what was happening. When had she arrived at the resort? When had she checked in? Unpacked? Gotten changed?

She stood up with some difficulty before realizing the changes that had occurred to her body.

“Holy fuck! Richard!” she cried out as she looked down at the monstrous tits that were plastered to her chest.

“RICHARD!!!” she screamed and started to take a step in to the room, almost falling over from the sky high heels she was wearing. Before she had to try and take another step Richard appeared in the doorway.

“Ah Jessica, you’re up.” he replied with a calmness that disturbed her.

“What the fuck is going on? What have you fucking done to me?” she nearly shouted as she started to head towards him.

“Display mode Jessi.” Richard said in the same calm voice and Jessica stopped dead in her tracks.

She stood bolt upright, her arms at her sides, her feet together, her chest pushed out, and looking dead ahead.

“That’s better. Now what was the last thing you remember?”

“I… We were on the jet… we were on our way to our vacation.”

Richard nodded as she spoke, “And…”

“And… and… there was champaign…”

“Anything else?”

“N… no.”

“Good. Well let me fill in some details then. You see, while you were cheating on me behind my back, and plotting how to divorce me, I’ve been busy planning something a little different.”

Her eyes went wide at the revelation that Richard new she was cheating on him, and about her plans. She had engage a lawyer already and they were working on how to get around the iron clad pre-nup Richard had her sign when they married.

“It’s been quite expensive, to say the least, but it seems to have been completely successful.” he said, waiving his hand up and down her body.

“According to news reports, my private jet went down in the ocean, with all hands lost. They also reported about how lucky I was to have been delayed and told you to go on ahead. I could have the plane come back and pick me up later. It was quite a story for a few days, but it passed like most celebrity gossip.”

“But… but…”

“Yes, I know, it was quite an extreme action. And don’t even get me started on how much I had to pay the pilots to relocated and start all new lives. The good news it that it was all very successful, and I delivered you to the clinic where they’ve been… well..” he said, once more waving up and down her body.

“You bastard! You won’t get away with this! I’ll tell everyone I know what you’ve done!”

“Oh Jessica, no you won’t. I mean, how long do you think you’ve been here already?”

She blinked several times before answering, “Well, it can’t be more than a few days… maybe a week?”

Richard let out a hearty chuckle, “Oh Jessica. Maybe if all they’d done was keep you sedated that would be right, but along with the physical changes they’ve been conditioning your mind as well. You’ve been here for six months.”

Jessica gasped at the revelation, “Impossible!”

“Not at all. The first couple of weeks was spent completely rewriting your mind, it was only after that that they got to work on your body.”

She wanted to shake her head no, but she still couldn’t move anything but her lips and so she used them as best she could, “You fucking bastard, I’ll fucking kill you! You’re dead! Do you hear me, you’re dead!”

Richard chuckled again, “Silent mode Jessi.”

Jessica’s mouth clapped shut and even her lips refused to obey her.

“Let me catch you up in what’s happened in the last six months. You were pronounced dead and I was assigned as executor of your estate. I’m afraid I fired that nice young lawyer you had retained for the divorce. The clinic has completely rewritten you mind, what you’re experiencing now is only the remnants of the old you. Think of it like Jessica is contained in a little box inside of the new you. If needed the new you can open it up and let it out for a bit, but it’s right back in to the box anytime.”

Jessica listened as he ratted on, trying everything she could to break whatever hold he had over her.

“Once that was done, well, the new you got to work in the gym and the clinic got to work on your body. You’ve had three breast augmentations, a buttocks augmentation, two ribs removed, a rhinoplasty, a face lift, cheek fillers, several rounds of botox, two lip enhancements, a frenectomy, an eye colour change to blue, as well as an experimental gene therapy that’s made you a natural blonde and of course dozens of rounds of laser hair removal.”

Richard smiled and walked around her twice before coming to stand right in front of her again.

“And I must say they’ve done a great job. The final cherry on top is of course the new identity that I’ve had created for you. Jessica Dawnes is dead, long live Jessi Juggs.”

An involuntary shiver of pleasure ran down Jessica’s spine and buried itself in her pussy at the sounds of the new name.

“I’m just here to pick you up and drop you off in your new life. Jessi Juggs…” the pleasure ran through her again, “…is a stripper in Vegas. She’s going to spend the next year or so shaking her tits and ass in the clubs, and offering to go to the hotel room of anyone with enough cash.”

Jessica screamed at the top of her lungs inside of her mind, but not a peep came out of her lips.

“And then, well, Jessica Juggs…” this time a small whimper actually came from her lips as her pussy tingled even more, “…is going to get lucky. She’d going to meet a wealthy, older, gentleman that wants her all to himself. He’ll be willing to take her on oversea vacations, pay for all the sluttiest clothes for her to wear, and even pay for more procedures to make her an even more prefect, plastic, fuckdoll. And all she’s going to have to do is everything and anything he wants. Jessi Juggs is just going to be so happy each and every time he fucks one of her holes.”

This time a moan escaped her lips and her head titled back just a little so that she missed the broad smile on Richards face.

“Isn’t that right Jessi Juggs?” he asked and her lips parted just before his hand slapped down hard on her left tit.

“Oh god!” she cried out as the pleasure exploded from her tit.

Richard slapped her tit again and her head snapped back upright, “Oh my gawd! Slap Jessi big fake titty baby!”

Jessi’s body was consumed with pleasure as Richard continued slapping her tit, until finally he stopped and she dropped to her knees, quickly fishing his dick from his pants and wrapping her fake lips around it.

Jessi was so happy that Jessica was back in her box, now she could have Richard all to herself. And maybe, just maybe, if she fucked him well enough, he’d come and take her away from the club sooner rather than later.

After all, it was hard to imagine not having his glorious cock inside of her for over a year or longer. She was going to do anything she could do to shorten that time before he dropped her back off in Vegas.