I walked in to the boardroom and saw Stephani sitting on a chair by the window and smiled.

“Hey Stephi, all ready?” I asked rhetorically as her demeanor and outfit said she was.

It had been six months of preparation for this day, six months of hard work and planning. Six months of constant worry that it wouldn’t work and that I’d be in jail.

Stephani had taken over her father’s company a year ago, the mousy brunette had been a bitch from day one, and tried running the company into the ground with her woke ideas for new product lines and firing many long time employees.

It might have been alright if she’d replaced them with competent people, but instead she’d brought in more woke business neophytes that were even worse than she was.

I would have been gone if it wasn’t abundantly clear form the get go that I was the financial brains of the operation. Her father had long ago turned over the day to day operations of the company to me and I was CEO in everything but name.

But even that wouldn’t protect my position forever and I knew that something would have to be done or I’d lose the pension I’d spent decades working towards. So, I’d called in a few favours. Favours from the kinds of people that people like me weren’t supposed to know.

Fortunately, I hadn’t always been the upstanding CFO that I was today, and in fact in my youth I’d run with a much seedier group of friends. It had only taken me a few days to track a few of them down and make a deal to take care of the problem.

I don’t know the details, but soon Stephani was missing more and more work, looking more and more haggard, until one day I’d walked in to her office at night, well after the rest of the staff had left, and found her snorting some kind of white powder.

She’d begged me not to tell anyone, that she’d quite, that she’d get herself cleaned up. But we both knew that was a lie, and so I’d told her that I’d have to tell the board at the next meeting if she didn’t get straight by then.

The night before the board meeting, when she’d stumbled into my office, white powder across her nose and upper lip, babbling about how she’d be ruined and she’d do anything… well, she was on her knees under my desk before I’d agreed to keep quiet.

After that I’d taken control of her “supply”, to help her get clean of course. After which it was easy to start her going in the direction I wanted, weather that was for the business, or in her personal life.

Within weeks her woke friends were gone, the old staff rehired with raises, and the company back on track. I then focused on Stephani’s long term changes, from a new wardrobe, to new hair colour, to new exercise routine, to new priorities.

I walked over to the head of the conference table just as the first of the board members filtered in to the room, soon enough they were all present and the secretary called the meeting to order.

Once the initial formalities were over I stood up and spoke, “Thank you all for coming, as you know this is a special board meeting and we only have one item on the agenda. Please welcome our CEO, Stephani Miles.” I said and Stephi smiled broadly and wiggled her ass up to the head of the table beside me.

“Hello gentlemen, thank you for coming. I’d like to especially thank Glenn for all the work he does for the company and myself in particular. As you know, it’s been a year since I took over the company from my late father and I think we’re doing very well. In fact, it had become very apparent that the company is in very good hands with Glenn, just like it was when my father was with us.”

A small round of applause filled the room as Stephi paused for effect.

“As such, I’m announcing that I’m going to be stepping away from day to day operations of the company, just as my father had.”

Another pause and the men in the room nodded their heads in agreement.

“However there are two items I would like to address before I go, the first is to officially give Glenn the CEO title. He deserves it for all the years of great service to the company.”

Another round of applause filled the room before Stephi continued, “And the second item is that I intend to keep a very close eye on the company, and as such I’m announcing my engagement to Glenn.”

A small murmur rippled through the board, but was followed by another, more muted, round of applause.

“Thank you. I trust Glenn completely and I think it only proper that he be in charge of all things to do with the company.”

The rest of the meeting was mere formalities, with votes on the motions to make me CEO and other items, afterwards each of the board members congratulated both Stephi and I before leaving.

When they were all gone and it was just Stephi and I she looked up in to my eyes, “Did I do ok?”

I smiled down at her and “bopped” her nose, “Oh Stephi, you did great!”

She smiled and giggled, “Thanks!”

She then pushed up against me and wiggled her body against mine, “Do you… you… think I earn some?” she ask, her eyes pleading for me to say yes.

“Maaaayyybbee… but how do you ask properly?” I said in a sugary sweet tone.

Stephi shivered and then spoke in a semi-dreamy voice, “Can sugarbaby Stephi have some sugar, baby?”

I chuckled and reached down and grabbed her ass, “Why don’t we go to my new office and you can have all the sugar you want.”

She let out a gasp and nearly dragged me to her old office, eager to earn her next hit of whatever the white powder was.

I didn’t know what it was either, but it’s effects were obvious, other than the highly addictive nature of it. Lowered intelligence, heightened sex drive, increased sexual sensitivity, lowered inhibitions, and near total submissiveness to whoever controlled the supply.

I was sure it had taken a near superhuman feat of focus for her to have gotten through the entire speech to the board, but it would be the last time she had to worry about such matters. Once we were married and she’d signed over everything to me, she’d have a much easier time of things as my trophy wife.

And all it had cost me was little money laundering for some old friends… hopefully that didn’t come back to bite me in the ass one day. Oh well, at worst I could pin it all on Stephi, she was still chairwoman of the board technically after all.