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Tuesday September 20, 2022

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I looked at the photo on my screen and smiled, there wasn’t much the same about Velma in comparison from the first time I met her, but I had let her keep her trademark glasses and sweeter. Well, at least a version of them.

I’d long ago sold off the others in their intrepid little group, Daphne had brought in a pretty penny to say the least, that girl loved to be controlled so much it had hardly taken anything to break her.

I’d sold Fred and Shaggy to the mob, last I heard Fred was working as muscle and collecting protection money for them, and Shaggy was a natural drug dealer.

Scobby on the other hand was in a lab someplace, with a team of scientist trying to figure out his ability to speak.

I’d kept Velma for two reasons; the first was that she had taken quite a bit to break and I wanted to be sure she didn’t slide back into old habits, the second was that she needed some work before she’d bring in top dollar.

The good news was that once she had been broken, she’d gone whole heartedly in the direction I’d wanted her too. She’d made her own workout schedules, set aside time to learn makeup and fashion each day, and had completely transformed her body in the end.

In the last few months I’d had many offers for her, some had even been very tempting, but I hadn’t been finished with her. Because of all the things she’d committed herself too, being the best fucktoy she could be, was at the top of her list.

The girl was a complete wildcat in bed, sucking and fucking like a pro, screaming at the top of her lungs for more no matter what hole my dick was in.

It had become quite addictive for a while, but now things had started to become stale. A man could only fuck a woman so many ways and so it was time to move on.

I dragged the photo to my e-mail and typed up a quick message:

“Thought you might be interested in this, if so, let me know.”

Then I added a BCC to a few of the people who had reached out over the months, and a few others I knew would be interested, and hit send.

I suspected the responses would come quickly, but that still meant a few weeks of negotiations and preparations before Velma would leave me, which left me lots of time to enjoy her.

I pushed back from my desk a little and Velma moved forward as well, my dick lovingly engulf by her lips as she bobbed up and down on it. I grabbed hold of the back of her head and pushed her down hard, then took her head with both hands and started to fuck her face in earnest. She complied eagerly as spittle started to come out of the sides of her mouth.

Her eyes rolled back in her head as I continued, but it wasn’t until my cum sprayed all over her face and glasses that her own orgasm crash over her. It almost made me regret having sent the e-mail, almost.

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