“And you say you got them to this point even before you started them in the program?” Derek asked.

“Yes, it’s amazing how the young people of today want so desperately to be famous. This photo was taken during the first week of them being together as a group. They were all quite willing to pose naked in one of their first photo shoots. It just goes to show how much the Internet has normalized the sexualization of the female body.” I replied.

Derek nodded, “It almost makes you wonder if you’re talents are going to even be required at some point…”

I chuckled in agreement, “Well, I’m not too worried about that. There will always be a need for my skills, even if it’s not in the music business.”

“I suppose so, men are always going to want things they can’t have aren’t they?”

I nodded and brought up a short video clip.

“As you can see, Lin, Miko, Jade, and Bella took to the program quite well, this was two weeks in and there wasn’t a dance routine in their repertoire that didn’t have them simulating some kind of sex act. All four of them had also started to have a subconscious urge to have something in their mouths at all times and they would often be sucking on one of their own fingers to fill that need.” I continued.

“How long before that became a conscious need?” Derek asked.

“Miko was the first, she came in to my office about a week later and couldn’t control herself any longer. She just closed the door behind her, walked around my desk and knelt down between my legs, dreamily looking at my crotch until her fingers did the rest.”

Derek shook his head, “Man, you’re lucky she didn’t go for someone else.”

“Luck had nothing to do with it, I tightly control their entire lives once the program starts. I tell them we’re going to a ‘retreat’ to focus on their music and once their they don’t even notice that the entire staff is made up of women. By the time they realize that I’m the only man in their vicinity, well, they no longer care.”

Derek chuckled and smiled, “The others followed suit I presume?”

“Of course, by the end of the first month all four spend quite a bit of time with my dick in their mouths. Often with more than one of them sharing it at a time. But of course they weren’t just their to learn how to properly suck and fuck, so the rest of their training continued. Would you like to see a clip from their first music video?”


I pulled up another short clip and played it.

“Fuck, they look so different!”

“Yeah, the PR team decided to go in a slightly different direction at the last minute. The initial market research had indicated that a more modest group would sell well, but when the latest data came in, well, a new direction was set.”

“I’ll say… and who’s the fifth?”

“Ah Suki, yes. A fortunate happenstance actually. She was a friend of Jade’s who came nosing around when Jade stopped responding to her messages. It’s always a risk in this kind of venture, but it worked out well in the end. The same new market data that indicated a more risque group, also indicated that five was a better number than four. So when she persisted, we took advantage of the situation and integrated her into the group.”

“Fortunate indeed, any issues with such a rushed job?”

“Nothing that detracted from the end product. With rushed jobs like Suki you do tend to lose a lot more of their intelligence and have a few other side effects. The biggest one for Suki was her increased libido. That girl just can’t get enough sex. She’s going to probably be the first break out solo act from them when the time comes just because she’s going to be famous for sucking and fucking her fans.”

Derek chuckled, “Aren’t they all?”

I chuckled as well, “Well yes and no. I mean the others are going to be a little pickier and more private as well. Only those fans that can afford it, and keep things quite, are going to know about that side of the group. Sure they’ll be rumors, but we’ll deny those and they’ll be no hard evidence otherwise.”

“Sounds like you’ve got it well in hand, so why did you invite me over?”

“Well Derek, I’ve crafted the perfect little girl pop fuck group, but I have one little issue that I need your help on.”

“Oh, and what’s that?”

“They can’t write a pop song for the life of themselves.” I said with an exacerbated sigh.

Derek laughed out loud and slapped his knee, “Best laid plans of mice and men, eh?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. So do you think you can help?”

“Of course, but not before I… uh… get to see them in action… first hand… if you know what I mean.” Derek said with a wolfish grin.

“Oh I know exactly what you mean. And don’t worry, you’ll have full access to the group for as long as you need to get their first album ready.”

I stood up and extended my hand to Derek and he did the same, shaking on the deal.

Derek’s eyes drifted back to the loop of video and I knew my problems with the music were behind me now.