Kim blew the bubble of gum as she waited for the photographer to get ready for the next shot, and felt her head empty out as the bubble grew in size.

When it popped she let out a giggle as her head filled with pink fizz and she eagerly started chewing the gum once more.

God she loved this gum! She’d been given an entire box of it just a week ago from her new sponsor and she was nearly through it already!

She let out another giggle as she started to blow another bubble and wonder exactly why the chewing gum company had decided to sponsor her, a badminton player of all things.

Ok, well, she really didn’t have wonder that much about it. It was only a month or so ago that she’d gone viral while pulling off her sweatshirt at the sidelines of a game, her toned and tight body the stuff that teenage dreams were made of.

Another bubble popped but this time the photographer seemed to take notice and walked over to her.

“Hey Kim, how are you making out?” he asked.

She chewed her gum for a half second before swallowing it, as it went down her throat a shiver of pleasure chased down her spine as well. But when the gum hit her stomach, the shiver continued right on down to her pussy and buried itself deep inside of her.

Her eyes rolled back in her head and she let out a moan, this was the best part of the gum, even though she knew she shouldn’t be swallowing it.

She felt her racket being taking from her hands as her eyes rolled forward once more and she smiled, “Like, I’m… I’m… so horny…” she replied, blushing as she half whispered it like it was some kind of secret.

It wasn’t though, her hard nipples showed through her top and she was sure her panties must have a giant wet spot on them by now.

In response the photographer wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her towards him, their lips meeting just as their bodies did. She closed her eyes and moaned as their tongues probed each other’s mouths.

She felt his hand move up her back and come to rest on her shoulder, then he broke off the kiss and gently pushed her downwards. She needed no more encouragement and her fingers went for his pants as she dropped down on to her knees. By the time they hit the floor, his pants were on their way there as well.

Her lips wrapped around his shaft and her head started to bob up and down, she couldn’t believe how good he tasted, even better than the gum!

It wasn’t long before she was going at it as hard as she could, impaling herself on to him with every stroke, until suddenly she felt the racket land on her ass, twice, in quick succession.

She pulled up to the end of his dick and held there, looking up at him with pleading eyes.

“Now now Kim, is that any way to treat a shuttlecock?” he asked and she blushed once more.

Of course it wasn’t, she’d learned long ago that just smashing a shuttlecock was no way to win a game. She nodded her head from side to side without letting his tip escape her lips.

“That’s right, now, let’s try that again…” he said and tapped her ass with the racket once.

She slide down his cock and then back up and stopped.

He tapped her ass again.

She slide down his cock and then back up and stopped.

He repeated the tapping over and over again until she got the rhythm he wanted. Sometimes he’d speed it up, sometimes he’d slow it down, but always she would follow along with it.

She didn’t know how long it went on, she didn’t care, it was glorious! Eventually he sped up the tapping of her ass, until it was at a frenzied pace, with her head bobbing up and down even faster than the first time. Finally, he held the racket away from her ass for a moment and then tapped her ass one fine time, holding the racket firmly against her ass.

She dove down on to him, holding herself against his abdomen as his cum flowed in to her mouth and she swallowed every last drop of it, just like she had the gum.

“Yeah, she’s ready. I wasn’t sure until so I had to let her chew away on that gum for a while first, but once I approached her and she swallowed it, there was no doubt.”

The voice on the other end of the phone said something but Kim couldn’t make it out, nor did she care, she was chewing on another stick of gum and she could still faintly taste him cum as well.

“I’m sure she’ll make a great brand ambassador for you, your customers will be fighting tooth and nail to spend money on your product so they can have her pay them a visit.”

Kim let out a giggle and then started to blow another bubble as even the photographer’s voice started to become static to her ears and the only thought that remained in her head was when she might get to play with his shuttlecock again.