The game had gotten out of control and she still hadn’t figured out how or why.

It had been a night like any other at the pool hall, she’d been playing with friends when a random guy had come up to her and smiled.

It kinda of creeped her out, he was easily twice her age and there was something else about him that sent a chill down her spine.

When he suggested they play a game, she’d started to say no before something changed. She wasn’t sure what it was, but she could feel that it had changed and she found herself saying yes instead.

It was the same when he suggested they make a bet on the outcome. Kelly never bet on anything, let alone pool. She just played for fun, but just as before, she found herself agreeing.

The terms of that first bet were simple, if she won he offered her one hundred dollars, if he won, she’d get her hair dyed blonde.

It had seemed like a strange bet, but between the strange feeling and the fact she could really use the money as a broke college student, she’d agreed.

When he left, she’d had lost the bet but come away with the money none the less. He said it would pay for the change of colour.

She didn’t see him for a few weeks, but when he did show up again, he complimented her on her new hair colour and soon enough they were playing pool again.

The wagers only escalated from that first one, every few weeks he’d come by and she’d end up losing to him but walking away with the cash anyway.

Go to the gym three times a week or a thousand dollars.

Wear more makeup or two thousand dollars.

Dress sexier or five thousand dollars.

Get plastic surgery or ten thousand dollars.

This week had been the first time it had been different. Instead of suggesting a game of pool at the pool hall, he’d suggested they head back to his house to play. They’d arrived just a few minutes ago and he’d taken her right to the pool room.

Now she was leaning against his home table, her tits sticking out of her barely there dress, listening to his latest wager.

“Your free will or nothing at all.”

Another shiver ran down her spine, but this time of pure pleasure as it nuzzled in to her pussy.

She dropped to her knees and her fingers worked to strip him of his pants, the game was no longer necessary. She knew she’d lost long ago and now all that was left was the need to serve her owner.