A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday October 01, 2022

WonderMaiden looked across at the decapitated warehouse from beside the concrete pillar of the freeway and frowned… how could that be the headquarters of the notorious drug lord Marco Chan?

He was well known for his flamboyant and luxurious life style, she couldn’t imagine he’d run his drug empire from such a run down building.

But then again, her informant had assured her this was where he operated out of and she had little reason to doubt him. Well, he was a drug addict, thief, and grifter, but other than that she confident in the information as he’d always come through in the past.

She scouted around the place quickly, not getting to close due to the daylight, and made a mental note of the entrances and overall layout of the building and then left. She’d return that night, when she was sure there would be more interesting things going on.

Dhyana squinted through the darkness at the fully lit warehouse, several cars and come and gone in the last half hour she’d been watching it. The last one that had arrived had contained Marco himself, and so she was just about ready to burst in and take the operation down.

She gave it another few minutes, to see if anyone else would arrive, but when she was satisfied, she stood up from behind the bushes she’d been kneeling behind, and with her powerful legs, pushed off the ground and leaped on to the roof in a single bound. The roof gave way easily beneath her feet and she came down in to the middle of the large warehouse, her clenched fist and one knee on the floor as she looked up to see the surprised faces of a half dozen henchmen.

She moved quickly toward the first one, giving him a shove towards one of the walls, and he slammed in to it, crumpling to the floor. The other men fell just as easily, even with the few attempts to fire their guns simply ricocheted off her bracelets.

She then looked toward the back of the warehouse, where several rooms divided off of the main area and she focused on them for just an instant. She picked up the rustling of men behind one of the doors and she ran straight towards it. The door shattered in to a thousand pieces, splinters flying everywhere, but in the midst of it stood Marco, two other men, and a pile of drugs that would be impossible for him to explain.

A half smile crossed her face as she moved quickly to take out the two men, who’s hands had already started towards their guns. The first simply crumpled under a blow across his chin. The second had managed to get his gun out so she simply reached out and yanked it from his grip, several of his fingers braking under the power of her grip. A quick tug on his outstretched hand pulled him from where he stood and flew him across the room in to a flimsy wall that he only made it half way through.

She turned back to Marco and was surprised to see a smile on his lips, a small electric trigger of some kind in his hand. She reached out to take it from him, but it had taken too long to deal with his thugs and he had depressed it before she could stop him.

Before she could do anything else, she heard the detonator go off that was under the pile of drugs on the table and a cloud of white powder fill the room. Her first thought was to grab Marco and run from the room as fast as she could, and perhaps if instincts were more focused on self preservation, she might have made it. But the extra time and weight she had taken to capture Marco had been enough to let the drugs in the air take hold, and as she crossed he threshold of the doorway, she dropped to her knees and then fell face first in to the hard concrete of the floor.

Dhyana struggled to regain consciousness, the inky blackness that shrouded her mind slowly fading to gray and then blinding white as she opened her eyes.

She quickly tried to assess her surroundings but the effort sent her head spinning until she closed her eyes once more. The second time was more successful, as she took her time and did things slowly.

The first thing she noticed were the restraints that held her in the chair she was sitting in. The looked formidable, but still seemed to be just thick metal, nothing she shouldn’t be able to break free from.

She didn’t try immediately, in these kinds of situations it was better to survey the situation to make sure there wasn’t any issues with escaping. The blinding whiteness turned out to be just normal whiteness, a room with four white walls, a white ceiling and a white floor, along with some bright lights.

Beyond that, there didn’t seem to be anything else in the room, but as she turned her head, she felt a slight tug of something and that’s when she felt the thin clear hose that ran under her nose and had two protrusions in to her nostrils.

See no reason to delay any longer, she pulled at the metal bonds that constrained her, but they refused to break. She tried several more times until she heard a valve open and a burst of gas enter her nostrils. Her head immediately spun around and around as her all strength left her and she slumped in the chair.

She wasn’t sure how long it took for her head to stop spinning, but when it did, Marco was standing in front of her.

“Ah, back in the land of the living I see.” he said with a smirk.

She yanked at the bonds again with no more luck, then looked Marco dead in the eyes, “Let me go, this will not end well for you.”

Macro let out a chuckle, “Perhaps, but right now, I don’t see how. In fact I’m willing to bet that right now, you’re wondering just how badly this is going to go for you?”

“Not as badly as when I get free and drag you into the DA’s office.”

Marco just shook his head, “Well, anyway… by now I’m sure you’ve noticed you’re weakness, and the gas that is being pumped in to you. No doubt you’ve made the connection between the two. I’m actually kind of proud of the idea… I mean, it’s not like I could inject you with that tough skin of yours, but a gas, well even you have to breath.”

She snarled at him but said nothing in return.

“The hardest part was how fast you supers are. I mean getting you in to a room where I could fill it with an atomized drug was nearly impossible… until I realized you’d come into any room that I was in. After that, it was just making sure you stayed long enough for me to trigger the drugs and be effected by them.

It was a risk of course, but one that seems to have paid off quite well.”

He snapped his fingers and she heard several people come in the room from behind him, a wheeled cart being pushed along with them. On it was a computer and what looked like a VR headset.

“You can’t be serious? Mind control? That won’t work on me.” she said with incredulity in her voice.

“No, normally it wouldn’t, I agree. But my friends down in Columbia had stumbled across a new drug, derived from a plant in the Amazon rain forest, that has very powerful mind altering effects. I think with the sedative, the new drug, and the VR, we’ll get you to where I want you in no time.”

She trashed at her bonds once more as he chuckled and pulled out a small remote of some kind, pressed the single button on it, and she felt the gas once more release in to her nose. The blackness enveloped her once more mere moments later.

Dhyana came too once more sometime later, her vision now filled with blackness, but she could tell it was from the VR headset that was now strapped to her head.

The hose in her nostrils gave a spurt of gas and she nearly chocked at the smell of it. It wasn’t the sedative from before, it was something else, and she suspected it was whatever new drug Marco had brought in.

At first it seemed to do nothing, then she felt it start to work, her mind seeming to slow down like she was trying to think through a thick layer of molasses.

Just when she wondered if her thoughts could get any slower, the screens of the VR headset came alive and filled her vision.

The first image was of a large breasted blonde woman in a tight little dress that barely contained any part of her, her finger with it’s long fake nail pressed against her lower lip, her eyes looking up and away from the camera. Then a voice spoke through the headphones attached to the headset.

“I don’t need to think, men like it better that way.”

The voice repeated several times before a new image appeared. It was of another blonde, big tits and all, but this time she was looking straight at the Dhyana, pushing her breasts together with her hands.

“My tits are way more important than my silly little brain.” the voice said over and over again until the image changed once more.

Dhyana whimpered a little as an image appeared before her. The blonde had a big, hard, throbbing cock between her lips, her giant round tits were on full display as she knelt before the man.

“I suck cock whenever I see it… it’s just the natural thing to do.”

Without thinking about it, Dhyana flicked her tongue out from between her lips as the voice repeated several times.

Then the image changed again. This time there was a blonde was on her back, a man straddling her with his cock firmly entrenched between her spherical tits.

“My tits were literally made for fucking… it’s why they cost so much.”

Dhyana moaned as the next image appeared, this time the blonde bimbo was on all fours, the man behind her pushed deep in to her pussy.

Dhyana knew the woman was a bimbo because of the obviously fake blonde hair, the giant tits, and the dark tan that had no lines.

The buzzing in Dhyana pussy started as soon as the voice started to speak and Dhyana moaned even louder.

“I love it when there’s a cock in my pussy, it makes me feel so useful.”

Dhyana slipped out of the tanning bed and ran her hands over her tits and body and giggled. Perfect as always, not a single tan line on her!

The attendant obviously heard the giggle and called back to her, “All done Dy?”

“Uhm, like, yeah! Be totally out in a sec…” Dhyana said as her hands reached up to her tits and squeezed her nipples, a soft moan coming from her lips before she released them and picked up her gown and put it on.

She headed out of the tanning room and back to the change room, where she put on her dress and checked herself over. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and couldn’t help but let out a soft giggle, he hair was perfect, just the right amount of roots showing so that everyone knew she was a total fake bimbo blonde.

She re-applied her pink lipstick and then headed out of the tanning salon and on to her next appointment for makeup.

Dhyana wiggled her way along the red carpet and then stood and posed as the cameras flashed. A shiver of pleasure ran down her body as her nipples hardened. But she put on her best smile and pushed her tits out as far as she could to make sure they got the best photo possible.

It took a few minutes, but eventually she made her way in to the party and moved around until Marco caught her eyes, then she made a bee line for him.

“Like, hi Marco!” she almost squealed, then leaned in and kissed him on the lips.

Marco returned the gesture, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her in tight to him, his tongue probing her mouth, then his hand slipping down on to her ass.

After a few moments he broke it off and she bit her lower lip as she lower her head slightly, “God Marco, I’m so horny…” she half whispered.

Marco smiled, “Of course you are…” he said, reaching out and taking her chin and titling her head back upwards. “but I have to show you off to some people first so you’ll just have to wait until later.”

He then let go of her chin and gave her nose a little bop, “Like, ok Marco… sure! giggle

True to his work, Marco paraded her around the party, stopping once in a while to chat with people. She didn’t pay much mind to what was said, she mostly paid attention to the bulge in the men’s pants as she wiggled her hips and swayed her tits as Marco talked.

A few of the men seemed almost familiar to her, but she couldn’t quite figure out why. A few even seemed very surprised when Marco said something to them and then stared wide eyes at her. She of course just giggled and wiggled and jiggled even harder when that happened.

The party seemed to go on forever, but eventually Dhyana had to excuse herself to go freshen up and maybe masturbate a little in the ladies room to take a bit of the edge off, but she knew it would remain until Marco took her home and fucked her like the fake blonde bimbo she was.

“Shit, I mean… everyone was curious about what had happened to WonderMaiden, but I don’t think anyone every thought…” the man standing beside Marco said.

“Yes, well she had become quite the throne in my side so I had to do something with her.” Marco replied with a slight shrug.

“I have to admit, I knew that new drug was powerful and all, but I never though it was that powerful when I gave it to you.”

“Yeah, I wasn’t sure either, but as they say… no risk, no reward.”

The other man nodded and then furrowed his brow, “But… what about…” he said, outlining two imaginary globes in front of him.

“Ah, well, I had to pull in a few favours for those. I’m told it was the world’s third most powerful laser that was used to penetrate her skin.”

The other gave a little chuckle, “Third you say.” and then shook his head side to side.

Marco chuckled along with him and then got serious, “So, about that drug… can you get any more?”

The man shook his head no, “Sorry, my connection has gone radio silent. Apparently the government executed a hug raid and I haven’t heard from him since.”

“Too bad, I’m sure I could find some more uses for that stuff.”

“I’ll let you know if he turns up again.”

“Sounds good. If you’ll excuse me…” Marco said and then turned and headed over towards the washroom. The party was winding down and it was time to Dhyana back home where he could make proper use of her.

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