She had to admit it wasn’t her best plan, but then again she seldom had a plan so it wasn’t that surprising.

Now, standing in front of the energy projector that held her immobile, she wondered if she would escape unscathed, which was looking less and less likely.

“So how are you feeling now Miss Justice?” the man standing behind the projector asked.

“I… I… fine. Just… just you wait… till I… I get out… of this.. thing!” she managed to say as he played with the knobs on the device.

The worst part of it was he wasn’t even a supervillain, or a villain really, just a henchman, assigned to protect the warehouse she’d barged into. The device had turned on as soon as it had detected a superhero entering and she’d been caught in its ray before she could do anything.

She watched him turn another knob on the device and a sudden heat washed over her, involuntarily she let out a gasp as it passed.

“Ah… that seems to be the one.” the man said.

“What… what was… that…” she stuttered.

The man just smiled and turned the knob even farther.

This time her eyes rolled in to the back of her head as she let out a moan and a shiver ran over her from the orgasm that it caused.

“Opps… a little too much.” he said and dialed the knob back slightly.

Her breathing remained fast, she could feel her nipples harden under her bra, and her pussy moisten as he stepped out from behind the device and approached her.

She remained completely immobile as he hands reached out and took hold of her breasts, the pleasure was unbearable and another orgasm came over her.

At some point she lost count of the number of orgasms he caused as she was reduced to a quivering mess from his ministrations.

Missy J stood in front of the device, willingly, and let it’s power wash over her. Her body came to life once more as the anticipation grew in her loins.

“And she’ll let me do anything I want?” the man standing beside her owner asked.

“Oh yeah, she’s completely broken. So addicted to the device that she’ll do anything to feel its effects.”

The man handed her owner an envelope and then walked over to her, his hands roaming all over her body, sending orgasm after orgasm through her.

Dave watched Miss Justice orgasming as the client pushed his dick in between her tits.

When his previous employer had told him what the device was capable of, he wasn’t sure he believed it, but after seeing Miss Justice’s reaction to it. Well, he had no doubts after that.

He’d taken Miss Justice back to his place and set her up with the device, leaving it on until he returned. His job protecting the warehouse wasn’t hard, and he was the only one there, so no one missed the device for the few weeks it took him to break Miss Justice completely.

When he returned it, he waited another week or so before turning in his resignation and starting up his new business.

He wasn’t sure if Missy believed the device was still the same one as before, or if she just didn’t care, but either way she was putty in his hands now.

And there was a long line of thugs and villains that would happily pay for the opportunity to take a little revenge on the hero that had caused them so many problems over the years.