Jennette raised her top up over her breasts and exposed herself to William.

“See, that wasn’t so hard now was it? I mean, I don’t know why you even try and resist any more.” William said as she stood there in front of him.

“I’m sorry Sir, I don’t either, I just do.”

He reached out and fondled her breasts for a few minutes before taking her nipples between his fingers and twisting them several times. She stood there throughout the entire ordeal, passive and patient.

“Have you been watching the videos I sent you?” he asked.

“Yes Sir.” she replied.

What he really meant to ask was if she was watching the pornos he’d sent her as training material.

“Let’s see what you’ve learned then.”

He grabbed her breasts again, but this time she pushed her chest forward when he did, titled her head to the side slightly and then let out a squeaky little “Ah ah ah… yes yes yes.”

“Not bad. Not bad at all.” he said when he finished.

“Alright, back to work.” he said and she pulled her top back down over her breasts and turned to walk out of Williams office. Just before she took her first step, she felt his hand come down on her ass.

She turned her head back towards him, covered her mouth with her fingers, and then in a giggly voice said, “Thank you Sir.”, before walking back to her desk.

It was one of the first things he’d taught her after her “probation” period was over as his assistant.

And by probation period she meant the subliminal programming software he’d installed on her laptop had done it’s work and made her an obedient sex slave to him.

She sat down at her desk and started working away on her laptop, checking his schedule, responding to e-mail, etc. The worst part was that she knew the software was still running in the background, worming it’s way even deeper into her mind all the time.

Well, ok, that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was that he’d told her that the program could make her obedient, but it couldn’t make her like it or be more than a compliant participant. Which was in of itself wasn’t a big deal, in the beginning it had almost been a comfort, knowing she was still herself and he couldn’t really change that. Now though, now was different.

She looked over her shoulder and saw William working away at his desk. She stood up quickly, but quietly and made her way to the bathroom, where she locked herself into a stall and raised her top once more, followed by unzipping her skirt.

Her fingers found her bare pussy along with one of her nipples and she started to masturbate to the though of being Williams obedient sex slave… and fully wanting it.

It didn’t take her long to orgasm and she slumped back in the afterglow.

She wondered how much longer she would be able to feign disinterest before he caught her masturbating in the bathroom, or something else that would give her away.

Then what would happen? Would he take her completely, or send her away?

She didn’t know, but she did know that the worst part of it was that she couldn’t imagine not being his obedient sex slave and so she’d hold out for as long as she could just in case.