I still held the parchment note in my hand, it’s regal looking wax seal unbroken from when I pulled it from my front door. There was no need to open it, I knew what it said and I’d quickly entered my home in excitement.

“Bastard… what have you done to me?” Alicia asked, a scowl across her pink lips as she crouched on her “desk”.

I called it her desk because I’d created the space just outside of my home office just for her, or at least this new version of her.

I smiled broadly at her, “Well hello Alicia. I see you’ve made yourself comfortable in your new office.”

“What the fuck are you talking about? My office? When I get out of here I’m going to sue you for every cent you have!” she spat at me as I walked over and stood right in front of her.

I reached out and slipped my hand under her ass, giving it a rub. Her face went from a scowl to confusion to wide eyed in just a few seconds as the pleasure ran up her spine and nuzzled into the base of her brain.

“Ooooo…” so cooed as I continued.

“Oh Alicia, you’re going to do no such thing. That brilliant mind of yours has been converted in to mush over the last few weeks and you can’t do anything about it.”

I took my hand off her ass and she fell down on to the top of her desk, her legs going every which way. I gently pushed on her knees and she spread her legs exposing her bare pussy to me just as she started to come around again.

“What… oh god… what was that?” she stuttered as my smile widened even more.

“Shhh…” I said as I raised my finger to her lips and her eyes crossed as her lips wrapped around my finger.

“You see Alicia, you’ve been made in to my perfect little secrtary for when home and working. And my perfect little sex kitten for when I’m home but not working.”

I popped my finger from between her lips and she tried to follow it forward but I held her in place gently. Then I dropped my pants to expose my hard member already at attention.

I reached around behind her and grabbed her ass, sliding her forward to the edge of the desk just as the hate returned to her eyes.

“Don’t you dare you bastard…” she said, but only half heartedly as her lower lip quivered slightly.

“Don’t? Don’t do this?” I asked as I moved the tip up to her already moist outer pussy lips and brushed it up and down.

Instantly her head snapped back, a gasp escaped her lips and she leaned back, arching herself as the pleasure coursed through her, “YES! GOD YES!”, she cried.

“Well, alright, I won’t then.” I replied, taking a half step backwards.

Her hands flailed all around for a moment as she let out another cry, “NO! No!”

It took her a moment, but her hands finally found my dick and she pulled me back towards her, guiding me right in to her waiting pussy.

“OH GOD YES! YES! YES!” she cried out as I entered her and I watched her entire body quiver in response.

She mewed, and moaned, and cried out for more as I slowly drove in and out of her until I could take no more and filled her with my seed. She cried out one last time as her body contorted so much that I thought she might break her own back, and then collapsed on to the desk, a stupid grin across her face.

It was quite the change from a few months ago, when she’d tried to execute a hostile takeover of my company, but as brilliant as she was, I had protected my company well from such attempts and had beaten her back. If she’d left it at that, I would have respected the attempt and made a note to watch her carefully in the future in case she tried again.

But she’d felt slighted by some of my tactics and had launched a wave of unfounded lawsuits against me, ranging from fraud to defamation, and that I could not stand for.

So after defeating her in court, I’d had her “picked up” by a shadowy group that catered to the rich and powerful. They could deliver just about anything, and Alicia was proof of that.

She was just coming around as I buckled my pants once more and so I leaned in beside her head to speak, “There’s a list of work for you on you’re computer, make sure you get it all done, you’ve going to have to pull your weight around here.”

Her head flopped to the side, her eyes still half glazed from the bliss she’d just experienced, “Ok…” was all she said in a far away voice.

“Good girl.” I said as I stroked her cheek, “Oh, and if do complete your work to my satisfaction by the end of the night, I’ll let you suck my cock before I go to bed.” Her eyes widened as she let out a little gasp, I could see goosebumps form on her skin.

I turned and walked out of her office, picking up the letter I’d dropped earlier, and into my own. The price had been high, but between Alicia’s brilliant mind that would serve me well in her new role as my at home secretary, and her programmed responses to the slightest sexual stimulation, I was more than happy to pay the cost.