A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday October 15, 2022

She was on display, she knew she was on display and she didn’t want to be, but there was nothing she could do to keep herself from being on display.

It was one of several problems she was facing, and if she was honest, one of the least pressing ones.

Of more immediate concern was the wetness of her pussy and the dozen other women seated around the walls of the room that were on display as well.

Some of them were younger, some of the had bigger tits, some of them had smaller waists, some of them had bigger asses. But all of them, every single one of them, had puffier lips. Big, puffy, cock sucking lips that put her’s to shame.

The men walking around the room had noticed, she could tell. Several had come up to her and stuck their fingers into her mouth and she’d sucked on them as best she could, but none had stayed long before wandering off to another woman and doing the same. She watched them stay longer with the others and that was a another problem for her.

She’d spent months working on her body; going to the gym to work on her ass, going to the surgeon for her tits, going to the salon for her bleached blonde hair, all for this night and the dozen or so of others just like it.

She’d signed up for an elite dating app after breaking up with her long term boy toy, an app that promised a plethora of men that would be eager to shower her with gifts and affection. At first it had been exactly as described, but then… slowly… things had changed.

Soon she found herself accepting dates from guys that didn’t meet her standards, then she was paying for the dates, and soon enough they could hardly be called dates at all. They’d just show up at her place, stay for a little while and she’d suck and fuck them any way they wanted.

That had been bad enough, but then she’d received her first invite to the “speed dating night” and she’d found herself getting all gussied up and attending, putting herself on display just like she was now.

The “display” time would be over soon, the men having selected the girls there were interested in, and then the men would go to the private rooms and the women would pick up the slips of paper that had all of their assignments on it.

Each night had a theme, the first one she had attended had been “Titty Tuesday”, tonight’s was “DSL Sunday”.

Her pussy quivered as another man approached her and she pushed her tits out as far as she could, to her surprise he didn’t go for her lips but instead grabbed a hold of her tits and squeezed them. Then had had her stand up and turn around, which she did and placed her hands on the wall and stick her ass out as far as she could.

He spent a few minutes inspecting her body from every angle and then told her to sit back down. He then reached in to his pocket and pulled out a black marker, attached to one end by a piece of string was a round placard that had the number 7 on it.

He uncapped the marker and then reached forward and wrote something just under her clavicle with it. He recapped the marker and then walked away.

A few more men started to approach her, but as soon as they saw the writing they turned and went to one of the other women, and all she could do was try and put out of her mind what was written on her.

A while later, the men all filtered out of the room and the organizer walked around and handed slips of paper to each of the women, but he came to her last. He had no more assignment sheets left when he arrived.

“Alright, go get changed, and be quick about it.”

She stood up and quickly headed for the change room, her ballet heals making it hard but managing. When she arrived her first instinct was to change in to her street clothes, but she managed to resist it just long enough to look in to the mirror.

A low whimper came from between her lips as she decoded the backwards text, what she had known would be there as she’d seen it happen a few times since she had started attending the speed dating nights.

“#7 $50,000”

The man had placed a bid on her and it had clearly been accepted.

She reached forward and steadied herself against the counter as her knees almost gave out as the small orgasm washed over her.

All of her problems vanished, she knew her owner would take care of them all now and she was grateful that she’d finally be able to delete the dating app.

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