“Like, oh my gawd, nuh ugh!” Night Raven said as she looked over at her arch nemesis Mr. Mind in a perfect super hero pose. Her hand on her hip, her tits sticking out and her ass looking perfect.

She’d tracked him down once more in the middle of some nefarious plot that she was certainly going to foil.

Mr. Mind let out a chuckle before continuing, “Really? You haven’t changed at all?”

“Like, that’s tots not what you said! You said, like, that you totally changed me!”

She was on to his tricks, he was always trying to pull a fast one without her noticing and she wasn’t about to fall for it.

“Oh, so I haven’t been sneaking little changes into your mind each time we encounter each other and that new costume was your idea then?”

She frowned a little and scrunched her forehead, what was he going on about?

Yeah, she’d changed her costume, that was obvious. Her old black body armour was very practical and provided a lot of protection, but well, she’d felt like a change a while ago, and she saw nothing wrong with that.

She’d had to go through several iterations before finding just the perfect costume for her, and now she couldn’t be happier!

The tight red top with her logo on it showed off her tits perfectly, and let everyone see all the hard work she’d put in on her body! It took effort, even for a superheroine like herself, to get those perfect abs!

And the little strip of material that covered her pussy and anus, without obstructing the view of her ass, well that took even longer to get just right! Even how she could feel the two cylinders that held it in place intruding into her body and she couldn’t have been happier with them.

“Like, what’s wrong with my new costume? It’s like, totally cool! giggle

“Oh, there’s nothing wrong with it, it just doesn’t really seem to say ‘Night Raven’, that’s all.”

“Uhmpf, well, like, I say it does, and that all that matters!”

“Of course, of course. And the hair?”

Night Raven grabbed a strand of her hair and looked at it, “Like, what about it?”

“Well, I mean… blonde? Really?”

She stared daggers at him, how dare he judge her choice to go from her old, dark, dingy, boring hair colour to one that made her feel so much better about herself!

“Like, my choice of hair colour is totally none of your business mister!”

“Oh, I know, it’s just well, with those tits… it kind of makes you seem…”

She gasped at his implied accusation, her tits were perfect! And a big pair of fake tits, even with blonde hair, didn’t means she was some kind of bimbo.

“Like, how dare you! I’m totally not some dumb blonde bimbo!”

He was staring at her tits and a shiver of pleasure ran through her, god she loved her new tits!

Looking back now, she had always been a little self conscious about her small breasts. As all of her friends had blossomed during puberty, her body had stubbornly refused to budge more than a cup size or two.

She looked down at her tits and smiled, she was amazed she’d waited so long to get implants, they’d really helped with her self image these last few months.

Of course she’d had to go to a few different plastic surgeons to get what she’d wanted. The first one had only been able to stuff a few hundred cc’s in to her chest. Her healing factor though made short work of the recovery and a few weeks later she’d been to another surgeon, to avoid suspicion, to get her second set of implants. The third surgeon she’d seen, just a few weeks ago, had managed to get her to the perfect size though!

“Oh you’re not, are you?” Mr. Mind asked, she hadn’t noticed how close he’d gotten as they had been talking and she was a little surprised when he reached out and grabbed a handful of her ass.

“Like, what?!?” she said and then gasped as the pleasure from his hand squeezing her ass cheek shot up her spine and settled in the base of her mind.

“You know a dumb blonde bimbo would love getting her ass grabbed…” he said and all she could do was let out a moan and push her ass back in to his hand as she bent over at the waist.

He gave her ass a jiggle as he squeezed it, “…and you seem to be enjoying it quite a bit, aren’t you?”

“Oh god, like, don’t stop!”

She moaned louder until his hand left her ass and she turned to see why he’d stopped, only just in time for his hand to come down hard on her ass.

“OH MY GAWD! Like, slap that ass!” she cried out as the pleasure pulsed through her body. Her nipples instantly made two little tents of her top and she could feel the cylinder in her pussy starting to get slick from her juices that were threatening to escape it.

His hand landed on her ass several more times, her body responding with more and more intensity with each one.

He finally stopped and walked around behind her, grabbing a mass of her blonde hair, he pulled her upright just as she was regaining her senses.

“And of course a dumb blonde bimbo loves to have her big fake tits played with, doesn’t she?” he said, reaching around and popping her top up over her tits. His fingers found her rock hard nipples and grabbed hold of them, twisting the, pulling them out from her body.

“Yes! Yes! YES! Play with my big fake titties!” she cried out, the pleasure seeming to double and triple and then quadruple as he did so.

She pushed her ass backwards into his crotch, rubbing his hard member she could feel under his pants. He let her nipples go and grabbed hold of both of her tits and squeezed them hard, pushing them together in front of her.

He continued for a few minutes, driving her to the edge of madness, then pushed her over when he released her tits and began slapping them like he’d done to her ass.

Orgasm after orgasm took hold of her and she cried out in pure bliss with each one.

When it was over, she had collapsed on to the ground, her tits out, her lower costume long since having slipped from her pussy and anus, her juices running down her legs.

She looked up at Mr. Mind and smiled, letting out a giggle as she did so.

“So Night Raven, have I changed you?”

giggle Like totally! giggle

“And what have I don to you?”

“Like, you’ve made me a total dumb blonde bimbo! giggle

Mr. Mind shook his head and frowned. She instantly frowned as well as her lower lip quivered a little.

“Like, you haven’t?” she asked, confused.

“No, well, not quite. I’ve made you my dumb blonde bimbo…” he said, clarifying as he undid his pants and let them fall to the ground.

She let out another giggle as she smiled, “Like, oh my gawd, you’re totally right! giggle“, then she crawled over to him and wrapped her lips around his member and knew that nothing else would ever compare to the pleasure she received from being his dumb blonde bimbo.