A hands on kind of leader...

Tuesday October 25, 2022

Shelia smiled and titled her head back slightly so she could see Harry’s face from under her hat, “Hello dear, I’m so happy that you made it!” she said enthusiastically.

She placed her hands in her lap as he sat down across from her, then straightened her back so she was sitting as upright as she could.

“What’s with the getup?” he asked.

“What this?” she said, raising one of her hands and placing it flat against her chest, covering her necklace as she did so.

Harry nodded and she smiled even more broadly, “Well, Dr. Ford and I have had a real breakthrough, and well, this seemed most appropriate.”

Harry raised an eyebrow, “Oh really? And what breakthrough did you have?”

Shelia blushed and titled her head down a little, “Oh darling, I just feel so terrible that I didn’t realize it sooner. It’s just so obvious now, how I was acting, it was just so unacceptable.”

Harry nodded, “Go on.”

“You were so right, being in a punk rock band was a complete waste of my time. Prancing around on stage, dressed like some homeless girl, signing all those… those… those awful things.” she replied, shaking her head slightly.

“Over these last few weeks Dr. Ford had shown me how silly I was being. How I was ignoring your needs, being selfish and self centered. You need a wife that understands how important you are, how important your work is, how important your needs are.” she said, bitting her lower lip just a little at the end.

“Yes, well, Dr. Ford is a very smart man after all.”

“Oh my yes, yes he is! That’s why I asked you to lunch today, to tell you I’ve instructed my lawyer to end the divorce proceedings.”

“That is good news, however it really doesn’t explain… this.” he said, waving his hand across the table to her.

She blushed a little, “Oh, sorry, yes. Please forgive me prattling on like that. I just wanted you to know that the old Sheila is gone, dead, and buried. The new Sheila has attended her funeral and left her buried in the cemetery… hence all the black.”

A wolfish grin crossed Harry lips, “And what is the new Sheila going to do to make up for all the trouble she’s caused me?”

Now it was Sheila’s turn to have a grin cross her lips, “Oh, darling, this pearl necklace is very nice…” she said, stroking the necklace with her gloved hand, “…but I’m pretty sure you gave give me a much prettier one back at home.”

Harry chuckled and stood up, extending his hand to his new wife, “Come on then, let’s skip lunch and go straight to dessert.”

She quickly stood up and leaned in to his side as they walked from the restaurant, she was eager to get home and out of her clothes. She had the perfect little number with a corset that she was sure her husband would approve of and guarantee her that new necklace she was craving.

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