It was a strange feeling for her, the chip that was implanted in the back of her head made it impossible to leave even though there were no physical barriers to do so. No matter how badly she wanted to leave, her body simply remained stationary.

Though want was probably the wrong word to use. While the chip controlled her body, it had also been used to condition her to obey the commands she was given and pushed things like wants and desires out of her head. No, instead of want, perhaps thought would have been a better way describe it. No matter how badly she through to leave, her body simply remained stationary.

And that was the source of the strange feeling, the dichotomy of what she thought vs what she did.

Of course the chip in the back of her head wasn’t the only one they’d implanted in to her. There were two on each side of her head, connected to the bones around her ears so that they could speak directly in to her ears without any visible headphones. There were the chips in her lips, thorough, nipples, her clit, and around her anus that controlled her pleasure and pain receptors as well.

Those had been very effective in her conditioning, between the stimulation they provided and the constant words that filled her ears, she succumbed within days to it.

The implants by her ears crackled to life, “Unit 5 report for duty in zone 3.” the artificial voice said.

Her body responded instantly as it stood up from the desk in which she sat, “Unit 5 ready and proceeding to assigned duty zone.” she responded to no one in particular, but she knew the surveillance system would transmit her words to those that needed to hear them.

She walked from the room and towards the master bedroom, or zone 3 as the voice had called it, quickly moving down the hallway until she entered and saw her owner walking from the master bath towards the bed.

“Unit 5, assume position 2.” the voice echoed in her head once more and she quickly moved over to the bed, splayed her legs apart, bent over at the waist and pushed her ass as far up in to the air as she could.

She felt his hands run over her ass, then hook the hem of her dress and slowly peel it up over until she was on full display for him.

“Unit 5, load anal slut profile.” the voice said and she let out a small gasp as her mind found everything she needed.

She turned her head around until she could see her owner standing behind her, she gave him a wicked smile, “Are you just going to stand there or are you going to fuck my ass?”

Her owner slapped her ass and the pushed the tip of his cock right up to her anus, sending a wave of pleasure through her, “Fuck yeah! That’s what I want. Fuck that tight little ass with that big fucking cock!”

Each stroke he made brought more disgusting and degrading words from her mouth, until she felt him cum in her ass and her whole world exploded in pleasure as her orgasm crashed over her.

The voice didn’t let her enjoy it for long thought, “Unit 5, reset and return to your home position.”

Against her wishes, she stood up and walked from the bedroom to the bathroom down the hall. She quickly cleaned herself and made sure there was no cum on her dress. Then, she walked back to her table, got up on it and returned to waiting.

Waiting for her owner to use his programmed sex android again.