giggle Like, whatcha think?” Lucy asked as she looked at me from the mirror.

I just shook my head from side to side, “Lucy, Lucy, Lucy… so close…”

She pouted and stomped a foot, “Like, what?!? But I tried soooooo hard! giggle

“Well, it’s better than last time, I admit.” I said and walked right up to her and slipped my hand around her waist.

“Mmmmm…” she moaned as she bit her lower lip and pushed her ass back in to my crotch.

I ran my hand up her her massive tit and gave it a jiggle, “But how many times have I said that black bras don’t go with white tops?”

She gasped and then pouted again, “Oh phooey!”

I slipped my hand back down her body and wiggled my fingers under her skirt, finding the bottom of her top and then pulled up over her tits to expose the offending bra.

I then used both of my hands to grab hold of her tits and jiggle them again, “These puppies are the most important things about you, you can’t be messing them up Lucy.”

“Ooooo… baby, I’m like, totally sorry… I’ll do better next time, like I promise!” she replied as she leaned her head back on to my shoulder as I continued to play with her tits.

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll try…” I said, then reached in between her tits and took hold of the bra, giving it a quick yank to the sides it broke in half and let her tits free of it’s confines.

“Oh! giggle” she exclaimed as my hands reached up and took hold of her nipples.

“Why don’t I make it easy for you… from now on, no more bras… ever.”

Her eyes rolled back in her head and flickered as the command took hold, “Yeeessss, Master…” she said and then her whole body shivered as a small orgasm rolled over her.

“Good girl.” I said and then took a step back, “How go get the bra off and get ready again.” I said and then gave her ass a swat.

giggle Like, right away!” she replied and scampered off to the bathroom once more to deposit the wrecked bra in the garbage and double check her outfit once more.

I watched her go and was having a hard time deciding if I was making the right decision. I’d spent a lot of time getting Lucy just right, rewriting her mind, rebuilding her body, was it really time to sell her?

I let out a low chuckled and smiled, sure she was a lot of fun, but she was pretty much at the end of my attention span and besides, her form boss had made quite a lucrative offer on her.

I wondered if he’d have a much fun with the ex-district attorney as I had, but then again, that wasn’t really a concern for me. Lucy was no longer a threat to me and that was all that really mattered.

Besides, I could always drop in for a visit with her if I got nostalgic. Though I doubted that would be an issue, there was a reporter that had been sniffing around my business for the last few weeks and she had seemed to be bound and determined to get a scope on me. I was quite sure she’d keep me distracted from Lucy until well past the time Lucy would be out of mind.