Amanda held the pink orb in her hand, having caught it as the man tossed it towards her, “What?!?” she said as she looked down at it and then back up at the man.

The man just smiled as she felt a tingle from the orb run through her fingers and up her arm and right in her mind, “OH!” she exclaimed as her head titled backwards and her eyes closed.

She could feel a pink fog roll over her mind as the tingling spread throughout her body and then everything seem to shift.

Her sunglasses lifted from her stomach as she could feel her bikini top strain under the new growth of her chest. A few pounds evaporated from around her waist, her hair flowed down her shoulders as her lips grew warm and a moan escaped them.

Then, just as quickly as it had come, it passed.

She blinked at the man, then smiled, still holding the pink orb in her hand.

“Like, hi! giggle” she said as she pushed her chest out towards him and raised her free hand to play with her hair.

“Well hello there, what’s your name?” the man asked.

“Uhm, like, Amanda?” she replied, scrunching her forehead as it just didn’t sound right to her.

“Oh, no, that can’t be. Hi hot little bimbo like you wouldn’t have such a boring name. Maybe something more like Mandi I think.”

“Like, oh my gawd, Mandi loves it! giggle

Mandi scrunched her forehead again and a moment later spoke, “Like, what’s your name?”y

The man smiled, “Master.”

The orb tingled again and Mandi let out a moan, “Oh… Master…” she replied as her whole body quivered in response.

“That’s right Mandy…” he said as he placed his hand on the pink orb and Mandi’s entire body quivered even more, “… I’m your master, you are my property. You are my horny little bimbo slut that will do anything and everything I say just to get my cock in to one of your holes.”

Mandi let out a gasp as the man took the orb from her hand and placed it in the pouch slung over his shoulder. Then he slipped his arm around Mandi’s waist and she quivered and leaned in to him.

“Now then, there’s a group of people upstairs in the penthouse that I want you to meet. They’re very interested in enjoying the company of a slutty bimbo like you. If you do well, and make sure each and every one of them are completely satisfied, then when you’re done we can go back to your room and I’ll stuff my cock in that tight little pussy of yours. How does that sound?”

“Oh my gawd Master, that sounds amazing! I can’t wait, like I’ll totally make sure everyone has the bestest of time! giggle

The man placed his hand on Mandi’s ass and lead her away from the beach and her old life, and all she could think was that she’d soon be getting the cock she so desperately wanted.