“Did… did I do alright?” Linda said hesitantly as she rung her hands in front of her.

“Not bad, for your first attempt.” Daniel replied, looking right at her tits.

That sent a little chill of pleasure through her, both the stare and the knowledge she’d done well.

It had taken her long enough to get ready, the double stick tape holder her top to her tits was uncomfortable, perhaps even more so than the feeling of being so exposed. But, well, her comfort wasn’t really important.

Daniel had made that clear and for some reason she couldn’t seem to disagree with it.

Which was strange, because before meeting him, she’d been a very conservative dresser. Lots of sweaters and baggy clothing to hide her curves, her long hair always tied up in to a bun, and thick rimmed glasses perched on her nose.

Most guys didn’t even notice her, and that was how she’d liked it. Then Daniel had approached her in the library on campus one day and, well, changed that.

She had no idea how, she could remember the little tingle in the back of her head that had seemed so strange, but that didn’t really tell her much. However after that moment, she was a changed person.

She’d spent the last few weeks since their first meeting getting ready for this very moment.

“Now remember, the client likes his blondes young and dumb, so giggle a lot, especially if he asks you any questions. And he’s a titty man, so make sure to keep those puppies front and center at all times.”

She nodded in response, nervous about her first time but knowing it wouldn’t be her last.

Daniel seemed satisfied and escorted her to the front door of the client’s condo. He knocked on the door and a second later a man opened it.

“Hey.” Daniel said.

The older gentleman that opened the door smiled and stared at Linda’s tits, sending more pleasure through her.

“Well hello there.” the client replied.

“This is… Brandi.” Daniel said, waving in her direction.

Linda giggled a little and smiled.

“She certainly is.” the client replied and held out his hand. Linda took it and let him lead her inside as Daniel smiled and let the client close the door behind them.