“Like, oh my god, it’s your birthday!” Yuki squealed as she waved the helium filled balloons around for a moment before letting them go so they floated up to the ceiling.

“Yuki… what the?” I said as I stared at her in disbelief.

I hadn’t seen Yuki in six months, not since she’d quit work and sued both myself and the company for sexual harassment. Now I’ll admit that Yuki had been a hot piece of ass, and that I was like any middle aged guy, not above a little fantasizing, but it had never gone any farther than that. I wasn’t stupid enough to dip my pen in the company ink, especially as a manager and since I was expecting a big opportunity to advance up the ranks to come up shortly.

The company lawyers had mostly taken over the case, keeping my lawyer in the loop, but surprisingly after a month or so, the whole thing had been dropped.

Just as I was about to turn and run from my own home in case this was kind of elaborate plot to get me in trouble once more, my work cell phone rang.

Instinctively I pulled it from my pocket and answered it, all the while Yuki bounced on the chair little some kind of teenybopper in lingerie.


“Hey Jim, how are things going?” I instantly recognized Gary’s voice, the senior VP of my division.

“Uh… well, I’m not sure how to answer that…” I said honestly.

“Why don’t you put me on speaker phone…” Gary said and in I did only because my brain had mostly short circuited at the absolute unreality of the situation.

“Yuki, engage docile mode.” Gary said loudly.

Yuki activities instantly changed, with her suddenly going quiet, slipping from the chair on to her knees, clasping her hand behind her back and bowing her head.

“Docile mode engaged Sir.” her calm, soft voice said.

My eyes were wide and my mouth hung agape at the sight of it.

I heard Gary chuckle through the phone, “Great, isn’t it? Look, I’m sure you have a ton of questions, but for now, just enjoy. Consider this a company bonus, for doing such great work this year.”

“I… I mean… I don’t know what to say…” I stuttered out.

“You say thank you and I’ll keep up the good work.”

I shook my head back and froth to clear it out and then smiled, “Thank you, and I’ll keep up the good work!”

Gary and I laughed at the same time, when we were done I raised an eyebrow, “Ah, quick question though… what’s with the birthday thing? My birthday is still months away…”

Gary chuckled, again, “Well, I couldn’t think of a better way for you’re re-introduction to happen…” he said and I could almost hear him shrugging his shoulders over the phone.

“Well, I’m not complaining. One other quick question… I know Yuki was hot… but…” I replied.

“Was she always that hot? No, she was cute, but she’s had some work done since the last time you saw her. Ok, well, I’ll let you have some fun and we can talk when you’re in the office on Monday.”

“Thanks Gary, will do.”

I was just about to hang up when he interrupted me, “Oh, take me off speaker for a sec…”

I did and then he continued, “I assume you’ve picked up on the ‘Yuki, engage X mode’, there are quite a few of them available, I won’t spoil them for you. But you might want to give ‘asian whore’ mode a try at some point this weekend.”

And then Gary hung up, leaving me to wonder exactly how long I could hold out before trying his suggestion.

“Fuck it. Yuki, engage asian whore mode.”

Instantly Yuki changed again, this time she looked up at me with hunger in her eyes, “Mmmm… Yuki so horny. You wanna fuck or suck? Both? Yuki suck good. Yuki fuck good. You fuck Yuki good. You make Yuki cum long time.”

By the time she was done speaking her fingers had already undone my pants and had them half way down. After that her mouth was too full to say much else until her squeals and whimpers of pleasure filled them room as much as I filled her pussy.