A hands on kind of leader...

Thursday November 10, 2022

Found deep on the dark web:

*** For Sale ***

Condition: Damaged but functional.

Accessories: Original costume which no longer fits (though provides hours of entertainment watching her try), missing tiara which was lost during initial capture. Lasso available for an additional charge.

Provenance: Initial owner acquired her three years ago during a protracted battle between the league and a major space based threat. Video of initial capture and subsequent conditioning included with purchase. Three other owners are well documented and certificates of authenticity provided.

Current status: No longer in “mint” condition, previous owners have made several modification, including; IQ reduction, breast augmentation, libido increase, erogenous zone sensitization, reduced inhibitions, extreme submissiveness, significant exhibitionist tendencies, oral and breast fixations.

More Information: Once in a lifetime opportunity to own a top tier superheroine! Don’t miss your chance, these opportunities do not come along every day! Bidding is expected to be fast and furious, so don’t wait until the last minute or you will miss out! Payment options include; crypto, diamonds, gold, plutonium, or other rare metals! Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! Contact seller via the secured messaging option for any questions. Note: Short, private video interviews can be arranged for top tier buyers only.

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