“Hello Tom,” Jennifer said and then took a sip from her martini, “I hope you’re happy.” she continued when she had finished.

“Well, I’m not unhappy.” I replied in a sarcastic tone.

She rolled her eyes and took another sip as I walked up to her and smiled down at her.

“God, you know just because you’ve turned me in to a walking, talking sex doll doesn’t mean I won’t figure out how to undo it.” she nearly spat at me.

I reached down and titled her up up with my finger just under her chin, “Is that so?” I asked, letting my thumb run up and over her lips.

She closed her eyes and let out a moan, almost spilling her drink as she did. I continued running my thumb across her lips as I gently lifted the martini from her fingers and took a sip myself.

“I really don’t think you’re going to. I think you like this,” I said, pushing my thumb between her lips, “too much.”

Jennifer instantly sucked my thumb into her mouth as she continued to moan and bob back and forth on it. Goosebumps covered her body as I took another sip, and then finished off the martini.

“Ah, you’ve gotten better at making martini’s Jen.” I said and gently set the glass down beside the chair, letting her continue to suck my thumb as I did so.

I placed my free hand on her forehead and pulled my thumb from her mouth, her lips flapped like a fish out of water as her eyes darted to my face and then back to my retreating thumb.

“Please… I… please…” she said, looking up with desperate eyes at me.

I chuckled softly as I reached down and took hold of the side of her top and pulled it away, exposing her nipple. My hand caressed her tit and then twisted her nipple and she gasped and moaned some more.

“Just tell me that this isn’t turning you on. Tell me to stop playing with your body like it was just some kind of sexual object made to be fondled. Tell me you want to go back to being the boring old CEO instead of the hot little trophy doll that I’ve made you into.”

Her head fell back as her eyes rolled back into her head and she whimpered softly, “Never… oh god… never again… don’t… don’t stop playing with me…”

I leaned over and kissed her forcefully, letting my hand run down her body and then batting away her crossed legs. My fingers soon found her wet pussy and her hips thrust into my hand as I played with it.

I broke the kiss and raised my wet fingers to her lips, she eagerly sucked on them as soon as her own scent reached her nose.

“That’s right, tell me what you want more than anything right now…”

Her eyes betrayed her need even before her lips formed the words, “Fuck me… use me…”, she replied.

I grabbed her around the waist and lifted her up, gently twisting her around and then pushing her down over the back of the chair. She pushed her ass up into the air as high as she could as I pushed her dress up over it, then I dropped my pants and pushed deep inside of her.

She squealed, and mewed, and giggled as her log hair reached all the way down to the floor. It parted around her neck and I smiled at the almost imperceptible green glow of the chip that was implanted at the base of her skull.

It continued to work exactly as designed, driving any number of endorphin and hormone levels in her brain to control what she felt at any given time. Right now she was experiencing pure bliss as I fucked her.

Most of the time the chip kept her at a comfortably numb level, but when she did things like go cloths shopping, or watch makeup or lifestyle shows, it turned the levels up.

It hadn’t taken long for the changes to happen, and even though she still fought it at some level, deep down she knew there was no fight left.

I’d have to enjoy these moments while they lasted, eventually they would fade away and all that would be left would be the bubbly trophy wife she was going to become.