“Excuse me Sir, can you tell me where the meeting room is?” Jen asked as she posed to make sure I could get a good look at her boobs.

“Oh, hey Jen, just down the hall there…” I replied, pointing down one of the hallways that lead from the lunch room, “By the way, how are you making out?”

Jen turned to look down the hallway and then back to me, slightly blushing, “Thank you Sir. I don’t know what’s been wrong with my head these days, I seem to forget all kinds of things! giggle I’m doing well Sir, I know the agency is doing everything it can to make me a famous pop star and I appreciate everything you have done for me. Every day I do everything I can to live up to the expectations of the agency.”

I nodded and smiled, “That’s good to hear Jen, and what do you think of the new outfits the agency has chosen for you?”

Jen blushed even more, titling her head down slightly and covering her mouth with the tips of her fingers as she let out a titter.

“Oh Sir, they are so tight and revealing… they make me feel so sexy…” she replied in almost a whisper.

“Well you know that famous female pop stars are often seen as sex objects…” I said and watched Jen’s nipples harden enough to be visible through the red latex of her top.

“Oh yes Sir. I’m doing everything I can to be seen as a sex object!” she replied, pushing her chest out and shaking it a little from side to side.

She watched my gaze drift down to her tits and her eyes glazed over for a moment, “JenJen is so sexy! JenJen loves attention! You pay attention to JenJen, JenJen sooooo happy!”

Jen blinked several times and came out of the trance, “Oh, sorry Sir, I’m late for my meeting. Maybe we can catch up later?”

“Sure, what meeting are you heading to anyway?”

“Oh, it’s with the style department Sir. They’re proposing a few…” Jen looked down at her chest, “cosmetic procedures to increase my appeal to young men.”

I held back a chuckle and nodded, “Well, sounds like they have things well in hand. Why don’t you drop my office afterwards JenJen.”

Jen’s eyes glazed over again as a shiver ran over her body, “Yes, JenJen cum for you soon baby. JenJen give you happy ending. JenJen suck you long time.”

Then she shook her head to clear her thoughts and quickly walked down the hallway I’d pointed to earlier. I watched her ass sway back and forth as she left and was pleased at the progress she’d made.

I’d found her in a little club in Seattle, trying her hardest to be in the next big grunge band, not realizing she was twenty years too late. It made it easy to get her to sign on to my label though, and since then I’d been molding her into the next big jpop sensation.

Sure, my methods weren’t exactly… legal, but they were effective and she was going to be a big hit in Japan. Either as a singer, or if that failed for some reason, a porn star.

Either way I’d recoup my investment hundred of times over.