A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday November 19, 2022

“Yes Sir, they’re preparing me now Sir. Of course Sir, here she is Sir.” Rachel said and then handed the phone to Betty standing beside her.

If you’d told her six months ago she’d be standing in a room filled with, well, what she could only describe as Stepford wives, she would have told you to take a long walk off a short peer.

Rachel had always been a bit of a maverick, almost a tomboy if she was honest. Short hair, scruffy appearance, baggy clothing, and definitely no makeup.

She had graduated university as a political science major and as more interested in touring the country and attending rallies than settling down and having a family.

And that was exactly what she had done. Right after graduation she started hitchhiking across the country, attending any rally she could find that was fighting for women’s rights and equality.

She’d been in the middle of the country, when a trucker had dropped her off in the sleepy little town of Bedford. It looked like a dozen other little towns she’d been to in the nearly year since she’d graduated and she hadn’t thought anything of it when she’d found a motel on the outskirts to stay in overnight.

The first sign that things were off had been the next morning, when she’d gone to the local diner for breakfast. The people were too… cheery. There was no other way to describe the broad smiles, friendly affects, and perky “Good mornings” that went around the place.

It honestly freaked her out a little, and she’d decided to cut her breakfast short and head out to see if there was a bus or something that passed through the town.

It was then that she’d meet Chief Williams. Even for a small town sheriff, the man was hard to take serious. He spoke with a southern drawl that was completely out of place, he had on a cowboy hat that looked like it was out of the civil war, and an attitude like he was god’s own gift to the town.

She could remember him pulling up in his patrol car as she walked the main street, and could even remember the beginnings of the conversation. It hadn’t been that out of place for a small town with a stranger in it. In fact she could distinctly remember thinking that the questions were more and more reasonable as he asked them.

So what if he wanted to know where she was heading, or if anyone was expecting her, or if anyone knew she was there, or when the last time she had spoken to her family was?

What should have been more unreasonable was when he asked her to get in the car, but by that point, nothing he asked would have seemed unreasonable and so she had.

That was where things got blurry for her though. She knew that he must have dropped her off here at some point, she’d been in Betty’s home ever since that day, but she couldn’t remember actually arriving.

Instead she could remember waking up in the pink frilly room that she now called her’s, with all of her belongs having been replaced.

She could still remember the thrill of running her hand across all of the pretty pink dresses, and then knowing that was wrong but being unable to stop the smile that spread across her face.

Since then Betty had taken her under her wing and been teaching her all kinds of skills that she’d never had before. Makeup, hair styling, fashion, social skills, proper posture, how to talk to boys, what to say when men asked her questions, etc.

It had all been leading up to this very day, in fact this very moment!

Betty and the other ladies all came around her to inspect their work and seemed satisfied, just as the door bell rank.

“Now remember everything I taught you Rachel, don’t disappoint me.” Betty said sternly.

“Yes Miss Betty, I won’t.” Rachel replied in a contrite voice with her hands clasped in front of her.

“Alright then, get going, I’ll show our guest in.”

Betty walked out of the room towards the front door while Rachel glided in to the living room and stood in the center of it, her hands behind her back, her head slightly bowed.

Rachel heard the footsteps coming towards the living room first, then the voices, “Right this way Chief Williams, Rachel is eager to see you.”

Rachel’s stomach was doing back flips, both because Betty was right and because Rachel knew everything about this was wrong.

When Betty and Chief Williams entered the living room though, it wasn’t just her stomach, her pussy started buzzing as well.

Her lower lip quivered as her voice crackled in a mix of fear and excitement, “Hello Chief Williams, I hope my appearance pleases you.” she said and then grabbed the him of her skirt and did a curtsy before returning to her former pose.

Even though her eyes were focused on the floor, she could feel the smile that was splayed across Chief Williams face. A wolfish grin of a predator having just caught sight of his prey.

He stepped forward and placed his thumb and finger on her chin and titled her head up, and then from side to side.

“Oh yes, much better Rachel” he said.

His touch sent a shiver racing down her spine that almost buckled her knees out from under her, but stopped as it buried itself deep in her pussy.

She bit her lower lip and blushed, “Thank you Chief Williams.”

“You’re welcome Rachel. It looks like Betty has done a fine job with you, don’t you agree?”

She nodded her head, one of the many lessons Betty had taught her was that you never disagreed with a man, “Yes Chief Williams, I’m very grateful for everything Miss Betty has taught me.”

The wolfish grin was back and this time it sent goosebumps all over her skin.

He then stood back and turned, holding out his arm, “Then shall we go?”

She blushed again and looped her arm through his, “Oh yes Sir! I can’t wait to see what you have planned for our first date, I just know it will be perfect!”

They then started walking towards the front door and Rachel caught sight of Betty one last time, a stern look on her face. Then Betty lifted her hand up to her mouth and moved it back and forth several times, sticking her tongue in to her cheek.

Rachel knew exactly what she meant. Betty had been teaching her all the proper etiquette for a first date; when to let him grope her, when to show him her tits, when to give him his blowjob, when to let him fuck her, and when to thank him. Which was of course after each and every time he did any of those things.

Rachel had known for quite some time that she would never be leaving Bedford, that Chief Williams wasn’t god’s own gift to this town, but was instead a god of this town. That the whole town revolved around him and his desires, and for whatever reason he’d desired her that first day they met.

The only thing she didn’t know was if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Partly because she wasn’t sure she could trust her own thoughts any more, but mostly because the buzzing in her pussy had increased ten fold when she’d taken Chief Williams arm and she couldn’t imagine how it was going to feel to give him a blowjob let alone get fucked by a literal god.

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