So I still haven’t gotten my old blog name back, so I’ve gone with “the-hands-that-lead” for the time being until it frees up.

I’ve also created sub-blogs for BoB as well as FWBP as placeholders. I don’t expect to use them, but they point back to my primary blog as well as here and the other places you can find those topics.

I’m currently marking all of my posts as Mature/Sexual Themes, so you may see them blured out by default if you haven’t changed your community lables settings.

I suspect Tumblr’s search system is now pretty useless, doing a search for “bimbo” returned no results, which seems… incorrect 😉

Anyway, it’s up and running for now, I’ll see how things go. It the moment I’m manually posting to Tumblr just like I do for BDSMLR, but I’m looking into automating the Tumblr posting.