“What the fuck are you looking at loser?” Delilah sneered at the man staring at her on the street.

He was taken aback for a moment but managed to compose himself, “Apparently a cheep streetwalker… how much for an hour?” he shot back.

“Pffft, I ain’t no cheep streetwalker and you can’t afford a blowjob let alone an hour.” she replied, tossing her hair back and looking down her nose at him.

Ok, it was true that she was a hooker, but she didn’t accept just any client, and this guy looked like he was flat broke.

Undeterred, he walked right up to her and smiled, “Oh, I think you’ll be surprised at what I can afford.”, he said and then flashed a roll of cash from his pocket.

Her eyes lit up and she smiled, draping an arm over his shoulder, “Well fuck baby, why didn’t you say so before.”

“Well, I wanted to make sure you were the right kind of girl, I have… particular… interests.”

She leaned in to his ear, “Tell me what you fucking like baby and I can make it happen… for the right price of course.”

He cleared his through and replied, “Well, I like a real dirty little whore. Someone who swears like a sailor but looks like a princess. Someone who loves to talk about how much of a slut they are as I fuck them, who loves verbally degrade themselves during sex.”

“Fucking hell baby, how did you know? I loooove it when guys fuck my dirty little cunny, fucking slam their cocks deep into me, treat me like the dirty little slut I am. I fucking can’t stop begging for more when they treat me like a cheep whore.”

The man nodded and smiled, “I’ve got a hotel room just down the street…” he said and nodded in the direction he meant.

“Fucking grab hold of my ass then and let’s get this freak show started.”

Delilah let his guide her down the street, towards his hotel room, her pussy buzzing with excitement. She wasn’t lying to the man, she really did crave the kind of sex he described. She’d tried to deny it for years, but it had eventually broken up her marriage and she’d had to resort to street walking to get her needs met.

Fortunately her divorce settlement had been generous enough to let her make the changes in her life she needed to, and still have a little left over to cover the basics while she built up a clientele. She’d been worried at first, her ex-husband had an iron clad pre-nup, but there had been a clause in it that had them go to a private, independent arbitration company, and they had been very generous to her.

She could still remember the trepidation she’d had when she’d entered the offices of The Perfect Divorce Service, but now, with a new client’s hand on her ass and the knowledge that she’d soon be fucking him like the dirty little whore her ex had called her when he’d caught her cheating on him, things couldn’t be better.

In fact, just thinking about Peter calling her a dirty little whore was making her wet. She’d almost called off the divorce when he’d done that, but she knew he’d never treat her like she wanted to be long term. She turned her head to the new client as they walked down the street and a smile crossed her lips. He kinda reminded her of her ex, maybe a year or two older, and in better shape than he’d ever been.

It might be fun to call out her ex’s name when the client used her she though and then decided that she would. Maybe even tell him how right he had been about her, how all she wanted was to be used like this forever.

She turned her head back forward and smiled, it was going to be a good night, and she knew it would be only one of many more.