“Please… do I have to?” Johanna said as her lower lip quivered slightly.

Johnathan, who was holding his phone up and taking the photos, rolled his eyes and let out a small huff, “Look, just quit stalling and get those puppies out.”

Johanna, wanting nothing more than to run back into the room, grab her suitcase and run screaming from the hotel, instead slipped the straps of her dress from her shoulders and exposed her breasts. Johnathan took more photos and continued to tell her what to do as the fading light sunk in to the distance.

It wasn’t long before the dress was on the floor and she was bent over at the waist, looking out over the water, one hand on the glass, the other between her legs. Both of her hands found the glass a few minutes later when she felt hands grab hold of her hips and she flung her hair to the side as she looked over her shoulder to see Johnathan standing naked behind her.

“Johnathan please! Please…” she cried out as she felt the tip of his dick push up against her wet pussy lips.

“Please what Johanna?” he replied with a smirk on his lips as he let his hand roam from her hip to her ass and gently rub it.

“Please… I’m sorry… I… I shouldn’t have… oh goooooodddddddd!” she started to say but he just pushed the tip of his dick into her and her eyes rolled back into her head from the pleasure that course throughout her body.

“I’m sorry, did you say something Johanna?” he said with a chuckle and pushed all the way into her. Her body shivered and pushed back against him as a grunt escaped her lips followed by a deep moan.

Johnathan continued to fuck her and she lost count of the number of orgasms she experienced and never noticing Johnathan’s phone sitting on the table recording the entire thing.

Johanna sat at the head of the table, her breasts threatening to spill out of the tight white top that barely covered them and exposed her midrift entirely. Behind her was the large monitor that was playing the video that Johnathan had recorded of the two of them the week before, the sounds of her grunts and moans filling the room.

“As you can see, my program has significantly ‘improved’ Johanna’s people skills. She’s been on a apology tour of sorts for the last week around the office, as you can imagine, many of the staff had issues with her in the past that she has only been too happy to rectify.”

A mumble rose up from the eight board members at what they were seeing and hearing. Each and every one of them had their issues with Johanna over the years, even if she had been a brilliant business woman and grown the company in leaps and bounds.

“The good news is that we can have the best of both worlds. The new Johanna is much more personable than the old one, but no less business savvy. Isn’t that right Johanna?”

Johanna smiled and nodded, “Oh yes Johnathan, you are quite right. Your program will be a huge profit center for the company and I can’t wait to support you in any way I can.”

“And…” Johnathan prompted her.

“Oh, and of course be the office fuck doll. I’ll be starting at the top and working my way down of course. Speaking of which…” she said and then stood up and slipped her top up over her head to expose her breasts.

“I think David is the most senior board member if I remember correctly…” she smiled and walked over to David and then dropped to her knees and crawled under the conference table.

The mumbling from the other board members quickly became arguing as they each fought for who would be next.