Brenda hadn’t wanted to be a trophy wife to start with, it hadn’t been her dream to grow up and hang on the arm of some old rich guy as a little girl, but life had a way of changing what little girls dreamed of when they grew up.

In Brenda’s case, she’d grown up poor, with her only real asset being a pretty face and a thin frame, mostly from the food insecurity her family had gone through.

By the time she was in high school, she’d learned that she could use her looks to her advantage and started her upwards climb.

That climb had ended two years ago with Alan.

Alan was rich, and brilliant, and, well, not that old, which had been perfect for Brenda. And so what if he had a couple of tiny fetishes that seemed a little odd to her? She could put up with them, no problem.

What she hadn’t counted on were two things; first that those fetishes weren’t so tiny, and second that he’d use his brilliance to get what he wanted.

She’d been so swept up with her luck in finding him, she ignored the little things that might have warned her of what was to come. Instead, by the end of their first year together they were married and off to a tropical island for a month long honeymoon.

It was there that he’d had the chip implanted in her head, his own design, along with the first plastic surgeries he’d had performed on her. The chip and surgeries had started her on her journey to become a living Barbie doll for him.

The chip controlled any number of chemical processes in her brain that made her feel pleasure, or dread, or joy, or sadness, or any other emotion she could name and a few she couldn’t.

It didn’t take long for her, and her brain, to learn the rules. Follow the command given for pleasure and joy. Disobey and dread and sadness. Her own body quickly became addicted to obedience and the rest followed easily enough.

During that first trip to the island, he also had her first round of lip fillers and breast implants done. Along with a minor rhinoplasty and rib removal.

When they’d returned her friends had asked a lot of questions about her new look, but she’d just gushed about how happy she was and the chip made it so. Six months later when they’d gone on a little “winter getaway” and she’d returned with a new set of implants, more fillers in her lips, chemically altered iris’ that were as blue as the sky, and a face that could hardly move from all the botox, well, no one really was surprised.

No one even suspected that her hair was now genetically blonde, no more colouring sessions at the salon for her.

Brenda felt a small surge of joy hit her, then another, then another. She waited just a moment an no more arrived so she took a step over the front of the box that she stood most days in and headed towards the bedroom.

Alan had summoned her to be played with and she was eager to experience the joy that being his own private Barbie doll always brought her.

The only thing she looked forward to more than being summoned, was the next trip to the island, which she knew was scheduled for the summer and she couldn’t wait to see how much more of a doll she was when she returned.