A hands on kind of leader...

Tuesday January 03, 2023

“Sooo…” Officer Chapman said, drawing out his voice as he flipped through his notebook until he found the page he was looking for, “…you’re boyfriend, Mr. Drake, had nothing to do with your…” he said, waving his hands at Candi’s giant tits, “…surger…ies?” his voice raising a little at the end of the question.

Candi smiled and giggled before answering, “Like, of course he had something to do with them! giggle But, like I totally made the choice to get them. All little old me! giggle” Candi replied, breaking down in a giggle fit at her own joke.

“Don’t lie Candice! I know he made you do it! Wake up! You’re a physicist for god’s sake!” Debbie nearly screamed at Candi as she stood just behind Officer Drake.

Office Chapman looked over his shoulder and frowned, “Ms. Williams, I won’t say it again… be quiet and let me do my job.”

Debbie seemed adequately childed and so he turned back to Candi, “Now then, Ms. Uptop…” he continued, trying not to roll his eyes too much, “You’re completely satisfied with your relationship with Mr. Drake?”

Candi giggled and shook her head, then thought for a second before a wide smile crossed her face, “Well, like, unless you wanna lend us your handcuffs… giggle

“Sorry Miss, I can’t do that.” Officer Chapman replied and then wrote a few more notes down and then closed his notebook.

He heard the shrill voice of Ms. Williams behind him, though a little farther away and clearly not directed at him. He couldn’t quite make out what she was saying, but by the time he turned around, her voice and lowered and he was surprised to see her calmly standing in front of Mr. Drake.

He hurried over to where they were with a frown on his face, “I thought I told you too to keep separated?” he asked as he walked up to them, a smile on Mr. Drake face and Ms. Williams in an uncharacteristically placid state.

“What?” Debbie replied, softly and a little slowly for the state she had been in just a minute ago.

Mr. Drake was a smooth and collected as he had been from the first moment he set eyes on Officer Chapman, “I’m sorry Officer, she came over and I couldn’t take a step back in time. Isn’t that right Debbie?”

Debbie looked over at Mr. Drake and then over to Officer Chapman, then nodded, “Yeah… I approached Paul first, it was my fault.”

“Well I don’t care who’s fault it is, move over there Ms. Williams.”

“Ok, of course.” she replied and shuffled over to the other side of the room.

Mr. Drake continued to smile as Officer Chapman returned his gaze to him, “So Officer, are we done here or do you have more questions?”

Officer Chapman didn’t like it, there was definitely something off, but he had no evidence of anything being wrong so he’d have to just keep his notes and see if anything came if it later.

“No, no more questions Mr. Drake. Sorry to have bother you, I’ll go have a chat with Ms. Williams and make sure she leaves you alone in the future.”

“Oh don’t worry about that, I’m sure she’s realized her mistake by now and is quite sorry about it, a changed woman you could say.”

Officer Chapman walked away, he might not have anything on Mr. Drake, but that didn’t mean he had to like him. He walked up to Ms. Williams who still looked a little shake up.

“Ms. Williams, are you alright?” he asked.

“What? Oh, yes, I’m sorry, I’m just a little stressed I think.”

“That’s alright, but I think you might need to stay away from Ms. Uptop and Mr. Drake for a while. I know you think…”

Debbie interrupted him before he could finish his sentence, “Yes, yes you’re absolutely right Officer Chapman. I do need to take some time and rethink things. I’m so sorry to have bothered you and wasted your time.”

“Not a problem Ms. Williams, I’ll keep my notes on file and you have my number if you need anything.” Officer Chapman said.

“Thank you Officer, I’m sure I won’t be bothering you again though.” she replied and then turned and walked away, out of the restaurant and into the night.

“Ah, Officer Chapman, right? What a coincedince!” Mr. Drake said as he stepped in to the lobby of the restaurant with his wife.

Officer Chapman frowned for a second and then put on his best smile, “Drake… Paul, right?” Officer Chapman said pointing at him.

“Good memory Officer Chapman, and who’s this?” Paul asked, pointing has his wife.

“This is my wife Mary.” he said and a half smile, half frown crossed over Mary’s lips.

Not because of Paul, but because standing beside him was Candi, still in just as revealing of dress as she had been six months ago when he’d last seen the two of them.

“Ken, do you know these… people… from work?” Mary asked of her husband.

“Yes dear, a misunderstanding a few months ago with a third party.”

Paul gave a little chuckle, “Definitely a misunderstanding…” he said and then waved his hand over towards one of the seats in the waiting area.

Paul looked over to the brunette that was sitting there, pushing her tits out and staring directly at Paul with desire.

He was about to turn back to Paul and then did a double take and spoke before he realized it, “Ms. Williams?” he asked in a slightly too loud of voice.

Debbie didn’t take her eyes off of Paul though and didn’t respond in any way.

“Oh, sorry, she decided to change her name a little while ago… too much baggage from before, and doesn’t respond to the old name now. Wants a fresh start, I’m sure you understand.” Paul said.

Then he turned his head to Debbie and spoke, “Debbi, can you come over here and introduce yourself to Ken.”

A smile instantly came to Debbie’s face as she stood up and wiggled her way over to the four of them standing by the entrance.

“Like, hi Ken, I’m Debbie… Debbi Dolly giggle

An audible gasp came from Mary’s lips as Ken’s eyes rolled back into his head with a groan. When they returned front and center and frowned at Mr. Drake.

“Do you mind if I have a quick moment with Ms…. Dolly Paul?”

“No, not at all, go right ahead.” he replied, just as confidently as six months ago when he’d said the same think about Candi.

Mary looked concerned, but she understood his responsibilities as an officer of the law and let him take a few steps away with Debbie. Mary, for her part, started to make small talk with Paul to distract him.

“Now, Ms. Dolly, the last time we spoke you were quite upset with Mr. Drake. And convinced that Ms. Uptop had been forced to have plastic surgery against her will…”

giggle Like, yeah, I was totally stupid back then! giggle Like, who won’t want big fake titties? Mine are still so small… but like, totally gonna get them bigger soon! giggle

“And Mr. Drake… had nothing to do with… this?” Officer Chapman said, waiving his hand up and down her body.

“Oh my god no! Like, I mean, yeah, kinda… but like I just got in touch with Paul, like, two weeks ago after that total disaster at the restaurant. He was, like, totally understanding… now Candi and I are, like, totally besties again! giggle

“So you didn’t do this for him…”

“Like, of course not, I totally did it for me! giggle Though, like, Paul totally can’t keep his hands off me either now, so like, that’s so cool too.”

Ken just shook his head and let out a sigh, just like last time, no evidence of anything being wrong, but a gut feeling that everything was. He resigned himself to the fact that he yet again had nothing and escorted Debbie back over to Paul, Candi and Mary.

When he arrived there, Paul and Mary were quietly chatting and a concerned looked crossed Ken’s face. Mary’s face was calm and placid, just like he remembered Ms. Williams face just after Paul had talked to her.

“Dear, are you alright?” Ken asked of his wife.

She turned to him with a broad smile, “Of course Ken, I was just having a lovely chat with Mr. Drake here. He’s such a gentleman, he’s offered to pay for our dinner tonight.”

“That’s very kind of him, but I have to decline… policy you know.” Ken replied, glaring a little at Paul.

“Pft… come on Dear, it’s just a dinner…” Mary said, waving her hand at Ken and touching Paul’s arm.

A sinking feeling was growing in Ken’s stomach, and it wasn’t just the hunger he felt before eating.

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