A hands on kind of leader...

Friday January 06, 2023

It had been hard at first, walking on the treadmill in her heals, even more so with each passing week as she seemed to select higher and higher heels to wear.

But then it had gotten easier… a lot easier, when she’d stopped thinking so much.

Stopped thinking about how her feet hurt.

Stopped thinking about how much she was wiggling her hips.

Stopped thinking about how ridiculous she must look nearly naked.

Stopped thinking about why she kept applying the black tape over her nipples.

Stopped thinking about why she always setup her phone to record her.

Stopped thinking about why she kept posting the files on that website.

Stopped thinking about why she kept responding to all the messages she received on it.

Stopped thinking about why she kept agreeing to meet them IRL.

Stopped thinking about why she was always sucking and fucking them.

Stopped thinking about why she kept depositing the money they gave her in an account that wasn’t hers.

Instead, all she had to think about was how sexy she must look for all these guys to want to fuck her, and how much better it would be when she could go ever faster.

She reached out and touched the control to increase the speed of the treadmill and she broke into an almost jog, sending her tits bouncing, her ass swaying and her hair bouncing.

Maybe, if she went fast enough, the man that had started her on this journey would return, but she knew that was silly. It would take more than just being able to run in heels to get his attention. Bigger tits, fatter lips, blonder hair.

He’d stooped down to fuck her once in the club, he was half drunk and had every woman in the place begging to him to fuck her. She didn’t know exactly why he’d chosen her… perhaps it was her shoes? But she knew he wouldn’t do so again until she met his standards and she had a long way to go to get there.

She looked over at her phone and grabbed a hold of her tits and sneered a little, “Come on guys, reach out and grab hold of these titties… I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

The words came out of her mouth without a thought, just another thing she no longer was thinking about, the dirty filthy language she used when she spoke on the videos, chatting on the website, or fucked they guys that paid her.

She had stopped thinking about the fact she was a whore long ago.

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