Cassidy looked out of the store shutters at the dark mall and double checked the lock to make sure it was secure. Then she turned around to look at the semi-dark fashion store that she’d just closed up. She’d started working there in the summer part-time and eventually became full-time when Suzie, one of the other salesgirls had left.

At first it had just been a job… with a somewhat overbearing boss. Miranda was ok, and certainly knew fashion as the store was always busy and new outfits were coming in all the time.

It somewhat confused Cassidy about Miranda was that while she clearly knew fashion, she didn’t really wear anything fashionable. Instead she wore a lot of leather that was red or black. It didn’t really bother Cassidy, she just found it a little weird.

As she walked to the back of the store her fingers absence mindedly touched each of the silver mannequins that she passed. She got to the back room and undressed quickly, putting on the silver pants and bikini she’d found online and ordered a few weeks ago.

When she was done, she stuck her head out of the back door and double checked to make sure no one was around and then stepped out on to the main floor. She moved quickly over to the small display with the two nearly naked mannequins and sat down between them.

Her nipples stiffened as she took in a deep breath and closed her eyes. Her mind started to imagine being a mannequin, being on display, being motionless, being mindless.

She was so engrossed in the fantasy she never heard the key turn on the front gate.

She hardly even registered the sound of heels clicking on the floor as they drew closer and closer to her.

“Oh my Cassidy, I see the subliminals have finally fully taken hold.” Miranda’s voice said as Cassidy felt the back of her hand caress Cassidy’s cheek.

Cassidy did her best to not show any reaction, but the goosebumps that formed on her skin were a dead giveaway.

Miranda’s fingers ran over her lips and then pushed between then. Cassidy simply let her boss… no, no, that wasn’t right, Miranda owned the mannequins in the store, Cassidy was a mannequin, so Miranda owned her too.

Cassidy’s eyes shot open as she gasped and a massive orgasm crashed over her. She collapsed backwards, Miranda’s fingers slipping from her mouth as Cassidy twitched several more times as aftershocks rocked her.

“There it is.” Miranda said with a little chuckle.

“I have to say Cassidy, I’m a little disappointed with the ink, such a waste of flawless skin.” she said, shaking her head from side to side slightly.

“But not to worry. Once we get it covered up with nice shiny silver latex I’m sure the client won’t complain.”

Miranda pulled out her phone and dialed a number as Cassidy slowly came around and managed to sit back up, closing her eyes and resting in place once more.

“Yes, is Tom there?” Miranda said in to the phone.

“Oh, well, can you tell him Miranda called and that I have another… mannequin for his collection?”

There was a pause and the she continued.

“Perfect, thank you Suzie. It was nice talking to you again after so long.”

Cassidy shivered with pleasure as her owner spoke on the phone, both from the thought of being covered in silver latex, and from the knowledge that she’d soon be sold in to a collection of other mannequins just like her.