A hands on kind of leader...

Wednesday January 11, 2023

Candice held up her phone and snapped the selfie, double checked it and then started typing out the message to go with it.

"See, I told you I could pull it off!"

She hit send and the message went off to the Captain. It was only a moment later that the typing indicator came to life and then the response came back.

"Damn, I guess I was wrong, alright, you've got the assignment."

She grinned from ear to ear and sent back a thumbs up emoji.

She’d nearly jumped over the podium that her captain had been standing behind when he announced that Office Tracy, that dumb blonde bimbo that had somehow gotten through police college… and gotten hired, had been given the promotion and undercover assignment that went with it.

She’d bit her tongue during the announcement, but had gone right to his office to give him a piece of her mind afterwards.

To say he’d been blunt was an understatement. He’d come right out and said that she didn’t have the look that was required to go undercover in a strip club, that it was an upscale establishment that only hired the best looking strippers.

She’d fumed and demanded her give her a chance. Sure she kept her appearance as professional as she could, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t tart it up when she needed to.

He’d agreed and told her to send him a picture of her best “tart” look and she’d assured him he’d have it later that night.

After a few hours she’d managed to settle down and even admit to herself, that given the circumstances, even she probably would have given Tracy the assignment. Candice even wondered if Tracy had done some stripping to put herself college, she certainly had the looks… and body for it.

That didn’t mean that Candice wouldn’t do whatever it took to get the promotion though, and she could hardly wait to see the look on Tracy’s face when the Captain told her.

Candice strutted through the club in her tiny blue bikini and towering heels, the music pounding away, as she took in the entire establishment. The Captain had been right, it was upscale. There wasn’t a stripper in the place that didn’t look like she walked right off the pages of some porno magazine.

The place was filled with rich clients and even a few famous faces that she recognized. Her job though really wasn’t out her on the floor, it was in the back room with the other women. She was here to try and get information on a human trafficking ring that the department thought was operating out of the club.

Candice was skeptical though, the women she’d met so far were all doing extremely well for them selves, and sure, a few of them had come from overseas, it wasn’t like they were being held in some back room after work. They all seemed to own, or be well on their way to owning, condos and houses in the city.

“Hey, how are you making out? Decided on a name yet?” Jason said from behind her and she turned around to look at the club manager. He was wearing a collared shirt and a dark suit jacket. He’d been the one to hire her and she got a strange vibe from him, but nothing nefarious.

“Hey, yea good. Ugh, Deedee.” she replied, names had never been her strong suit and she’d just gone with the worst version of her own name she could think of.

“That works. How have the girls been treating you?” she inwardly winced at the infantalization of the other women who worked at the club, but she didn’t show it.

“Just great, they’ve really been helpful.”

“Good, good.” Jason replied and then nodded to someone behind her, “I think you’ve got an interested customer.” and said with a smile.

Candice turned around and saw the man staring at her ass, “Thank Jason.” she replied and then headed over.

Candice had been working at the club for a month with nothing to show for it.

“Mmm… baby, grab that ass.” she said as the man who’s lap she was grinding against had his hands firmly on her ass.

Well, maybe nothing to show for it was the wrong way to put it. Her investigation hasn’t turned up anything, but she had been earning a pretty impressive pile of cash from the guys that took her back to the VIP. Too bad it all went to the department and not in to her own bank account.

At first it had been weird… pretending to be turned on by them, letting them touch her, her touching them.

But after the first week or so, she’d just started to absorb the ambiance of the place, listening to the other girls working around her, picking up on the things the said, how they acted, what the allowed.

It was to the point now that she hardly thought at all while she was dancing. She just wiggled her ass and jiggled her tits along with the music and let the first thing that popped in to her head tumble out from between her lips.

The man she was dancing for raised up his hand and gave her ass a firm slap, which brought Candice back out of her mindless dancing for a moment. She opened her eyes and turned her head around, a surprised look on her face.

Then the music took hold again and she smiled, and moaned, and closed her eyes once more, “Mmmm… do that again baby…” she said and jiggled her ass for him.

“Hi Boss! You wanted to see me?”

“Hey Candice, yeah, come on in.”

“Ugh, can you just call me Deedee? Candice just sounds sooooo… I don’t know… stuffy?”

“Sure, no problem Deedee.”

Deedee beamed a smiled at Jason, she’d been at the club for two months now and she was convinced that there was nothing underhanded going on here, even if her Captain disagreed.

She wasn’t complaining though, her promotion had been nice, but she’d gotten tired of handing in all the cash to the department. Three weeks ago, she’d just started skimming a bit off the top, saying that business was a little slow. This week she was going to be holding back at least half of it.

“Anyway Deedee, I got a complaint from one of the other girls… they saw you giving a guy a hand job…”

She rolled her eyes and let out a huff, “God Boss, it’s just a handjob, all the girls do it!”

Jason held up his hand, “Wait, wait, I know, that’s not the problem. The other girl was complaining that you didn’t charge for the hand job.”

Deedee blushed this time, “Well… well… it was one of my regulars… and he… he’s such a good tipper… it was just one time…”

Jason shook his head in disapproval, “I don’t care about that, if you’re giving free hand jobs, then soon the other girls will feel compelled to give free hand jobs, and then will you girls be?”

Deedee blushed even harder, “I’m sorry Boss, I promise it won’t happen again!” she replied, her lower lip quivering.

“Well alright, it had better not.”

Deedee pushed her tits together and pushed them around the pole as the music pounded, her ass was pushed out for the audience to see and she was naked on stage.

“Put your hands together for Deedee!” the DJ announced just as the song was ending, “She’ll be available all night, make sure to find her out there on the floor!”

The crowd clapped as she wiggled over to the side of the stage and picked up her bikini and then left the stage. It only took her a few seconds to put it back on, the last six months had given her lots of practice.

She put on her best smiled and then started to strut around the club, she recognized several of the men there, some were regulars of hers, others were regulars of some of the other girls, and there were a few new faces as well.

Things had changed so much since the first day she’d walked into the club, she’d quit her job on the police force just two months ago and the final paperwork had all just come in this week.

Well, quit was probably the wrong way to put it, they’d really fired her once they realized she was skimming so much of her cash from dancing.

Fuck’em, she was making double, almost triple what she had been. And it was so easy!

All she had to do was let the music float through her mind and her body just did what was needed.

She had to admit the first time she’d wrapped her lips around on of her regulars dicks had been a little surprising, but in a good way. She’d been so horny that week that she’d actually orgasmed as well when he shot his load into her mouth.

She was about to approach one of her regulars when the DJ’s voice came over the PA system, “Deedee to VIP 3… Deedee to VIP 3.”

She turned and headed to the VIP, it didn’t happen often, but if a high roller requested a particular girl, well, they’d call her into the VIP just like this. Deedee’s pussy tingled at the thought of who it might be.

She slipped through the curtain that closed off the VIP booth from the rest of the VIP area and gasped at who was sitting there.

“Hello Candice.” her old Captain said with a smile on his face and dressed in civilian clothes.

“C…Captain.” she managed to get out before her eyes drifted over to the girl sitting beside him, her hand in his lap, clearly stroking his dick.

It took a moment for Deedee to recognize her, her blonde hair forming a halo around her head, the heavy makeup with bright red lips, the tight dress pushing her tits up and out, the stripper heels… but it was Officer Tracy to be sure.

He patted his lap and her body instinctively moved towards him, Tracy removed her hand and her legs parted as she straddled over him.

“Captain… I… I don’t think we should…” she stuttered out, still standing above him.

He just gave a grunt and grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her down on to his lap.

She let out a gasp as she felt his hard shaft under his pants come in contact with her ass.

“I don’t really care what you think Candice…” he said and her hips started to rock back and forth on their own.

She let out a low moan as he hands reached around and grabbed her ass, “Pl… please… call me Deedee…”

“That’s better Deedee.” he replied and she moaned again as her hands reached up and pulled her bikini top to the sides, exposing her tits.

His lips wrapped around her left nipple and then a second pair of lips wrapped around her right. She opened her eyes to see Tracy sucking on her tit and she shivered with pleasure.

Soon, all three of them were naked, Tracy sitting on the couch with her legs spread wide, Deedee bent over at the waist with her face buried in Tracy’s pussy, and the Captain standing behind her slamming into Deedee’s pussy.

The Captain flicked the last few drops of cum from his dick on to the collapsed body of Deedee on the floor. Tracy wasn’t in much better condition having orgasmed just as hard a few moments earlier than Deedee had.

He pulled up his pants just in time for Jason to enter the VIP booth.

“Well I see things went well George.” he said.

George smiled and let out a small chuckle, “Yeah, you could say that.”

“I’m glad it did, it took a lot longer for the subliminals to take hold that with most of the other girls. She was a real fighter, that one.”

George nodded, “Yep, a real hard nosed bitch when she was on the force. Not so much now though…”

This time Jason gave a little chuckle, “Yeah, she’s really taken to it. One of my top earners. Almost as good as Tracy was back in her prime. Speaking of which…”

Jason pulled out a brown envelope from his jacket pocket and handed it to the captain.

“Thanks.” George replied.

“No, thank you. This place couldn’t survive without your generous protection.”

“That is true.” George replied, “Good thing we have a mutually beneficial relationship.” he said, waving the envelope as well as nodding at the two women splayed out with blissful smiles on their faces.

“How much longer before I can take her home?” George asked, nodding this time to Deedee.

“Well, with how much she resisted, I’d suggest at least another three months. Then your home system should be more than enough to keep her in line.”

“I guess I can wait that long.”

“Oh, by the way, any changes you want me to make before she’s delivered?”

George smiled as he looked down at Deedee, “Nah, I want some time with her just as she is. I can always do some upgrades later.”

“Sounds good. Anyway, I’ll leave you to it.” Jason said and the walked out of the booth.

Tracy had finally recovered enough to be rubbing her pussy again, while Deedee looked like she was still going to take a few minutes to fully recover. In the mean time, he walked over to the couch and sat down, pulling Tracy over a little so he could play with her tits.

He could hardly wait to get Deedee home with him full time, Jason knew best on these things. When George first uncovered what was going on at the club, his first instinct was to arrest Jason, but it would have been difficult to explain why he’d been getting blow jobs from a stripper to the department so he’d decided on a different approach.

Tracy had actually already completed most of her college by the time Jason had entrapped her and the others at the club, so it was easy enough to get her on the force, which made sure she was always available for him to use.

Getting Deedee off the force on the other hand, ensure she’d always be at home, which meant he’d have the best of both, whenever he wanted them.

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