She held her head as she frowned and looked at the shelves in front of her, where had all her law books gone?

They used to fill the bookcases from top to bottom in her private study at home. She turned and looked around her old office that was now filled with purses and racks and racks of sparkely clothing.

Then she felt something buzz in the back of her head and she let out a little coo as the pink fog filled her mind once more and she giggled out loud.

She walked back over the the rows of shoes and reached out and gently stroked the tall glitterly white ones with the red soles.

Yes, those would go perfectly with her outfit!

She giggled and slipped them from the shelf and then placed them on to her feet.

God, Jimmy was gonna love fucking her in these tonight she thought as she wiggled her way out of her dressing room and in to the main hall. She picked up her tiny purse and then exited the front door where the limo was waiting for her.

She had been so lucky to find Jimmy, he was so handsome and fuckable. Sure, there were all those silly rumors about him being some big crime boss, but those weren’t her concern.

No, her only concern was just how quickly she’d be able to get her lips around his cock once the driver closed the limo door behind her.