Bambi looked in the mirror as she scrolled through her phone’s photo album, looking back for the last photo where she didn’t have something between her lips.

“God, her oral fixation was getting really bad!” she thought as the weeks went by in her time line.

She was going to have to have a chat with John about it, she’d agreed to let him use his silly subliminal audio files on her because they were obviously bunk and even she had to admit that she’d been really bad at giving blow jobs.

She had to admit now though that she’d been wrong about them, she couldn’t go more than a few minutes with sucking on something!

She flicked her finger again and again, letting the photo album scroll all the way down to the bottom, almost two years ago when John had given her the phone.

She smiled and tapped on the first photo in her phone, the one John had snapped of her just after giving it to her.

God she was so happy that none of the other audio files he’d given her had done anything!