The men in the room cheered as Sally tugged at her panties, the banana still between her lips, her face expressionless.

Inside of her head was a different story, she was screaming out at them, desperately trying to get control of her body again.

“See, I told you it would work!” Jake, the ‘leader’ of this particular demonstration.

“Fuck, I should never have doubted you!” Ron, his and Sally’s boss replied.

By this time, Sally’s hands had pulled her panties all the way down and stepped out of them, her fingers headed right for her bra and it quickly enough joined her panties on the floor.

“You owe me 20!” Paul said as he elbowed Stephen beside him, two of her other co-workers.

“Shit… I thought they were real for sure!” Stephen replied and pulled some cash out of his pocket and handed it to Paul.

Sally fumed even more, being the object of a lewd bet was unacceptable! But then again, standing naked in the middle of the office sucking on a banana was as well.

When Sally had joined the group six months ago, she’d quickly learned that Jake was the brains of the operation. So she’d engraciated herself with him, which wasn’t hard, he was too geeky to have a girlfriend and any attention from a woman was all it took.

Of course her plan was to figure out whatever he was working on and steal the credit for herself with the department’s VP. When she’d realized what Jake was working on, she knew it would change the world. What she didn’t know was that Jake had been on to her plan from the beginning and only strung her along so he could finish building the prototype.

It was large and bulky, sitting on a desk a few meters away from her, plugged into a thick extension cord that ran all the way back to the lab where the high power lines were.

“So, is she still in there?” Paul asked curiously.

“Oh yeah, I’m sure she’s spewing a sting of profanities at us. But don’t worry, by the time the machine is done with her, it will only be sweetness and praise coming from her lips.”

That stopped her train of thought in its tracks. She watched Jake walk back over to the machine and start tapping away at it, and then with a flourish, execute whatever commands he’d typed into it.

Sally’s eyes went wide, her lips parted and let the banana fall to the ground, her knees almost beat it there.

“Sally sucks cocks like a bimbo slut!” the words filled the room and were in her voice, coming from her lips, but she didn’t say them.

The men started laughing as Sally repeated the line over and over again, until Ron finally got hold of himself.

“Ok, ok, Jake. Enough fun. I mean she can’t give us all blowjobs out here… get her into my office.”

Jake tapped away at the machine again and once more sent the commands, this time Sally bent forward on to her hands and crawled around in a circle, wiggling her ass as she did so, until she was pointed at Ron’s office. Then she slowly crawled all the way there.

Just as she crossed the threshold into Ron’s office, she heard the men playing rock, paper, scissors and she knew no matter who won, she’d lost.