“How are you feeling Frida?” the man in front of her asked as she rubbed her temple a little.

“Super! giggle” she responded, but there was something wrong… something she was having a hard time putting her finger on.

“That’s good, and how are your tits?”

The question confused her even more as she glanced down at her titties and scrunched her forehead. Were her titties supposed to be this big?

Her finger absent mindedly dropped from her temple and pushed the bar that pierced her nippled back under her bra, a little moan coming from between her lips, playing with her nipple piercings always did that.


She blinked and looked up at the man again, “Uh, sorry, what was the question again?”

“I asked how are your tits?”

This time she remained focused and sat more upright so she could get both of her hands on her tits, “Like, they’re great! So big, and soft, and squeezable! giggle

“I can see that. And how are you finding your workout schedule?”

“Oh god, it’s sooooo hard, but, like totally worth it!” she said as her hands migrated to her ass and jiggled it.

“Perfect. Alight Frida, two weeks ago when arrived at the clinic and you woke up from your surgery, you were asked those same questions. I’d like to get your thoughts on how you responded to them, how does that sound?”

“Sure, like, sounds great! giggle

“Alright, when we asked you how you were feeling, your response was; Fuck you, you bastard! How do I feel! Like I’ve been in a fucking car accident!”

“Owwww… I sound so unhappy. I’m so glad I’m not like that anymore! giggle

“Alright, next we asked you about your tits and your reply was; They’re breasts you asshole! And you’ve mutilated them! They look like you took the airbags from that accident and stuffed them in my chest!”

giggle Like, I love my big fake airbag titties!” she replied and once more grabbed hold of them and squeezed.

“Perfect. That’s everything I have for you Frida, any questions you’d like to as me?”

She blinked and placed her finger at the corner of her lips as she thought for a moment, then a wicked grin crossed her lips, “Yeah! Like, can you call me Fifi… and fuck Fifi’s big fake titties? giggle

“Why of course Fifi, it would be my pleasure.” he replied and Fifi jumped up on to her feet and unhooked her bra in one smooth motion.

She was so lucky that there was someone here to fuck her titties, and who knew, maybe after that he’d fuck her pussy too!