Debbie stood in her box and couldn’t believe how generous her owner was, she’d dreamed of having a box for so long, after all, what was a doll without a box?

It made her feel so fuzzy and blank, which were her favorite feelings!

So much so that she spent all the time should could in her box, well, except for the one thing she enjoyed even more than being in her box… having her owner’s cock in her!

She looked out through the thick glass at the front of her box, her eyes unfocused, but at some level she still recognized her own and the woman standing beside him. Their lips were moving, but she couldn’t hear what they were saying, even if the fuzziness in her head would have let her anyway.

“You’re a life saver Kim!” Chuck said to the tall brunette that stood beside him in a set of overalls and work boots.

“No problem Chuck, I mean, your the real life saver here… I just built a box.”

“Yeah, but my god, it’s a great box! And I don’t have to listen to that insistent music playing all day now!”

“Well the soundproofing is good on the box, but I think it was a small price to pay anyway. Those subliminal messages you encoded in her music really did a number on her. I’m sure you’ll eventually figure out why aren’t working with headphones at some point.”

“Yeah, that still irks me… I can’t see a reason why, but it must be something to do with limitations of the headphones. I assume everything is still good with your boyfriend? No relativism?”

“God no, Richard’s great now. I can’t thank you enough. As much as I loved him, he was so weak in bed… just couldn’t take charge… and I kinda need that. It had gotten so bad that I was going to have to breakup with him if something didn’t give.”

Chuck gave a little chuckle as he looked his friend up and down quickly. As a construction worker, she was well muscled and a little rough around the edges, but a sweetheart underneath.

“Did you build a box for yourself?” Chuck asked.

“Yes and no. I mean, yes, I build a box… but it’s not a Ken doll box.”

Chuck raised an eyebrow, “Oh?”

“Ok… ok, just promise me you won’t think it’s too kinky or anything…”

Chuck waved towards Debbie, “I’ve got a Barbie doll fetish that I brainwashed my wife into participating in… I don’t think I’ve got a leg to stand on when it comes to judging other’s fetishes…”

“True… true.” Kim replied, “Ok… well… I built his box as a coffin.”

“A coffin?” Chuck replied.

“Yeah… I’ve got a little thing for vampires… you know… all that ‘You’re under my control’ stuff. He thinks I’m his thrall and orders me around… well when I want him to at least.”

Chuck nodded and smirked a little, “Well, as I said, I’m in no position to judge.”

The two of them walked out of the room as Debbie received her latest round of programming, the silence in the room brought a wide grin to Chuck’s face.